Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's a Girl!

I can hardly wait for tomorrow to get here. I have been looking for a special kitty for a couple of months now. I have been to the local shelter, to all of the rescue groups and even to a cat show. What I thought I wanted was a Cornish Rex cat. I love the breed, the look and the personality. But what I found myself REALLY wanting was a small black short haired kitty. A sleek, panther looking beauty to call mine. A HEALTHY, lovable cuddle baby. A kitty that won't mind when I'm constantly picking her up to kiss and carry her around. A kitty that will come running to greet me when I get home from work..... so that I can pick her up, kiss her and carry her around! You see, my kids are now grown and both bigger than me. I guess I have a little empty nest syndrome going on.
Well, no more! A couple of weeks ago, during my usual visit to the shelter and the pet store, I spied two cat carriers with tiny little faces looking out. They were all black faces with the exception of one siamese. I couldn't leave. My feet wouldn't work. I stood there and stared at the tiny faces until I finally found the words to ask if the babies would be up for adoption. The answer was "yes". They weren't quite ready because they still needed shots and to be fixed, but I could pick one out and do a pre-adoption. As the rescue lady took them out one by one to give them shots I eagerly watched and waited for the one that would catch ahold of my heart. There she was. The fourth kitty to come out of the carriers. She was tiny, solid black and had super short hair. I immediately knew it was her. That special kitty I had been looking for. Here she was. She was put into my hands and I gently brought her close - to my heart. My brand new baby girl!
The only problem was that I had to give her back until she was ready to be adopted. Well, almost two weeks later she has been spayed and is now ready for me to pick her up tomorrow afternoon. I can hardly wait. Her name is Starlet and she was 11 weeks old yesterday. I will post pictures soon. Stay tuned. Cindy


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