Saturday, December 29, 2012

Day 15, 16 and 17

Wow, I didn't realize how far behind I was. Today is December 28th and I'm just now posting days 15, 16 and 17. All three days are on the left side of these pages.

December 15th was a lot of fun. It was Khloë's 2nd birthday party. What a difference from her 1st birthday. Last year she wasn't very interested in opening presents, but buried her face in the cake. This year she didn't want to have anything to do with the cake. It was all about opening presents. One of her favorites was this little penguin that came with a bottle to feed it. She loved it. Journaling is on the back of the pull out tag.

December 16th I spent the day wrapping presents. Of course I haven't gotten all of my shopping done so these are just a few of the presents. I also have to add the bows when I get a chance.

December 17th opens up to reveal pictures inside.

I haven't done the journaling for this day yet. It was the day Scooter went back to the vet for his 8 week check-up. The doctor said everything has healed nicely and now we just need to get him exercising (walking) more to build the muscle back up in his leg. It was such a relief to hear this because just the day before he took a flying leap off our retaining wall before we could stop him. Thank goodness he didn't hurt anything again.

Now my goal is to finish up days 18, 19 and 20 by tomorrow. Wish me luck.

Friday, December 28, 2012

December Daily - Catching up

Happy Friday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and now looking forward to the New Year. I have a few more days done for my December Daily.  I already showed you day 12. Today we have day 13 and 14.

Day 13 I finally decorated the tree and took some pictures of my favorite ornaments, which are older than I am. I think you will recognize the characters.

Day 14 I didn't do anything special. I had to run some errands. On my way to the grocery store I saw this bread truck. I heard somewhere that Bimbo is the number one bread seller, but I had never seen one of their trucks. I guess now that Hostess has shut down operations I will be seeing more of these guys. I'm not at all happy about it because I love Wonder Bread :-(

Going to work on catching up on some more days. I'll be back tomorrow.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Daily Day 12

On December 12th my husband went golfing with his guy friends like they do every year. He had been watching the news everyday for a week before the big day. He was so worried because it was supposed to rain. Once the day came and they got out on the golf course the weather was perfect. Hubby sent me pictures of the beautiful golf course and I put them in my album.

Since there were two pictures I made another little booklet to fit into a pocket of the album.

This is a picture of the booklet inside the pocket.

Day 13 will also go in this pocket. I will share those pictures as soon as I get a chance to take the pictures.

Monday, December 17, 2012

December Daily, Day 9, 10 & 11

I have 3 days of December Daily to post today. I have been so busy I haven't had a chance to put these on my blog.
December 9th was the day the lights went on the house. That part is hubbie's job.  He also decorated the tree out front.  This page slides into one of the paper bag pockets. 

This next picture shows where days 9, 10 and 11 fit on the page. 10 and 11 are inside a flip up pocket and 9 is tucked into the paper bag at the left end.

December 10th we had really ugly weather and even though I had plans to go do some Christmas shopping I decided to stay home and cozy up in a blanket on the couch instead. I was productive though because I pulled out my box of pictures from Costco and put the dates on all of them. Now I can easily see what I have printed and what I don't.

The journaling for day 10 is on the inside.

December 11th pulls out from the pocket below December 10th. It's a little booklet style.

On this day I finally got some of my Christmas shopping done. I went to the Jelly Belly Factory for some Jelly Beans for my Grand-daughter's birthday party and ended up getting presents for 4 kids on my list.

The journaling for this day is on the tag that sits next to the pictures, under the scallop half circle.

This last picture shows all the days tucked away into their pockets, nice and neat. The flap with the deer on it lifts up to reveal the December 10th and 11th days.

I have a couple more days done. I just have to take pictures of them so I can put them on my blog. Come back soon.

Monday, December 10, 2012

December Daily - Day 7 & 8

Have you ever tried to do something to surprise someone else and doesn't quite turn out the way you expected? Well, I had one of those days on Friday. My husband has been working a lot of hours lately and under a lot of stress, so I thought I would go out and get the Christmas tree by myself and surprise him when he got home. Easy enough right? I went to the tree lot, picked out the tallest tree I could find and had the lot attendant load it into the car. I got home and then realized I couldn't get it out of the car! It was still early and none of the neighbors were home from work yet, so I had to wait for my son to get home and help me. Luckily he got there before hubby did. We were able to get the tree out of the car and everything turned out okay.

The picture lifts up and the journaling is underneath.

December 8th was a special day. Hubby and I went to pick up our Grand-daughter so that she could spend the night with us. When we got to our son's house they weren't there. We knew they were out looking for their Christmas tree so we drove over to the tree lot and surprised them. As soon as Khloë saw her Papa she was so excited she just giggled and giggled. We went back to their house so that Khloë could help decorate the Christmas tree and put the lights on.

When Khloë first saw the lights turned on she tried to blow them out like a candle. It was so cute, I had to get a picture of her with all the lights. Christmas is going to be so much fun this year.

Again, journaling is under the photo that flips up. The last picture shows how the tags for pages 7&8 fit into the book.

That's all for today. I know I'm still a couple days behind, but I am taking photos each day and taking notes about what I want to journal. I just have to find the time to put it all together. I also have to get some Christmas shopping done. I am usually already done by now, but this year just seems to be flying by. I hope I get everything done in time.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Daily - Day 5 & 6

December 5th was kind of a funny day. It started out just a normal work day, but my husband had a work related dinner to go to which left Christopher (son) and I on our own for dinner. Things got funny because I went to the store to get what I needed to make Christopher a surprise dinner and he came home from work and was going to take me out to dinner. We were both trying to surprise each other.
We ended up staying home and I made Christpher dinner. We also took some silly pictures of us on my phone. We have different phones and tease each other about whose phone is better. I win for better phone when it comes to taking pictures.
For todays December Daily I added our picture to a pull out tag and journaled on the top and continued on the back.
On December 6th I came home to find one of the Christmas presents I ordered on line. It's an art easel that folds down to make  desk. Khloë loves to color and I can hardly wait for her to see this.   
The picture is attached to a tag and flips up to reveal the journaling underneath.
This last picture shows how the tags tuck away into the book. There's also an extra tag tucked inside, but it doesn't have anything on it yet. I might add a Christmas poem to it later.
Tomorrow I'll be back with days 7 & 8 to show you. I'm also working on some 12x12 layouts and hope to have those to share in a few days. Thanks for stopping by. 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3 and 4 and a Sandwich

I finished day 3 and 4 in my December Daily after finally getting my pictures printed. I tried for a couple of hours to print my pictures wirelessly, but it wouldn't work. I finally gave up and plugged the darn printer into the computer. I'll tackle it again another day, but not right now.

Day 3 wasn't anything special or exciting. The weather was bad and hubby had to work late. I guess I needed a little comfort food. On the menu? A grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. Have you ever tried this? Yummmmm! It's like ham and cheese, but better. :-)

For my day 3 I added a picture of my sandwich to a tag that pulls out of a pocket on the page. I used a tab punch to add a number 3 to the end. My journaling about the day is on the back.

 The picture above shows the tag when it's inserted into the pocket.

Day 4 is a picture of my wonderful husband and our dog Scooter. This year Mike and I are thankful that we were able to get Scooter the surgery he needed on his knee. He was in a lot of pain and couldn't put any weight on his leg, but through it all he was still a big loveable marshmallow. Every day he's healing and feeling better and better. And that my friends, makes me smile.

This last picture shows day 4 tucked into the pocket of the bag that the album is made with.

Thanks for stopping by. Cindy

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Storm Damage

Oh no, I'm already behind and it's only the 4th day! I had my journaling and pictures done for the 2nd, but had to do some storage maintenance with my pictures before I could post anything. Yes, I'm still working on that. I've got a system down, but it's still time consuming.

On to my my December Daily page (booklet) for the second.

I made a little booklet that fits into the front pocket of my album. Since I have limited pages I will have to be creative in the way I fit everything in. For the booklet I added a tab on the side with the number 2 on it for the 2nd of December.

On the front is a picture of the water damage we have from the storm over night. I woke up to find a leak around our window and the wall below it full of water.
The booklet opens up to show two more pictures of the damage. Almost the same picture, but you can see a difference in person. the paint was stretched out and full of water. And yes, that's an electrical outlet right next to it!

The next couple of pages are my journaling. Nothing fancy for the 2nd day of December, but it's documented. Hopefully we can start getting into some fun that I can put into my album.

I'll see you back here tonight for December 3rd if there aren't anymore issues. Rain is supposed to start again around 2:00 though, so we'll see.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Daily Cover and Day One

I finally finished the cover of my December Daily. I didn't go with the first album I chose. Instead I'm using the paper bag album and needed to make a chipboard cover for it. I've never made a chipboard cover like this so it was a little intimidating, but I got it done.
I used two of my favorite Cricut cartridges for this. Merry Christmas was cut at 3 3/4" from the Artiste cartridge. The tree was cut at 4 1/2" from Art Philosophy. The tag and 2012 were cut from Art Philosophy at 1" and 1 1/2" respectively.
The first of December and my first page include a picture of desk and the huge mess I made while making my December Daily album.
The page lifts up to reveal my journaling and an additional picture of my son getting our Christmas decorations out of the attic.
The picture is matted and has a tab on the side with a number 1 on it for December 1st. It pulls out of the pocket.
I will see you back here tomorrow with my December 2nd story and page. 

Season Everything with Love

Good morning. Today is my day to post over on the Cricut FANatics blog. Please go over there and check out all of the details on my project.

With all of the holidays we're having these days I wanted to spruce up the house a little. I don't have any Thanksgiving decorations and the Christmas decorations aren't out yet, so I decided to add a little vinyl to the wall. I found this quote on Pinterest and immediately knew that I wanted it for above my stove.

It's funny how you don't notice how empty a space is until you put something there. I never knew the wall behind the stove looked empty or bare until I saw it with vinyl. Now my eyes are drawn to it. I guess I'd better keep the stove clean now, right? Have a wonderful day and Happy December.

Blessed are the children of scrapbookers, for they shall inherit the scrapbooks.