Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December Daily 26-31

Alright folks, lets wrap this up. I'm ready for summer already. Heehee. Yes, I know winter just started and the weather people are telling us it's going to be a long wet winter. I'm just not a winter kind of girl. I need my sunshine.

Okay, enough crying. I have the last of my December Daily pages to share.
December 26:

December 27:

December 28:

December 29:

December 30:

December 31:

Well, that's my December. January has already started off pretty busy for us. Hopefully I can find the time to keep up my scrapbooking and Project Life. At the very least I hope I can get my room cleaned up AGAIN and start doing some of that organizing. Happy New Year!

Friday, January 8, 2016

December Daily 22-25

December 22:
Another quiet night at home. I love the real fireplace, but I really miss the gas fireplace in our old house. I really liked being able to flip a switch to turn it on and get instant warmth. My dear husband 100% prefers the real fire and did not like the gas one.

December 23:
At the last minute our Christmas plans changed drastically. We were supposed to have Christmas Day at my mom's house, but on the 23rd we found out half of the family wouldn't be able to make it. My mom thought it would be too much for us to drive 2 1/2 hours to her house so we offered to have everyone over on Christmas Eve. We hadn't done very much decorating so we had to kick it in high gear to get some lights up outside and some garland on the stairs. A few other decorations and that was it.

December 24:
Hubby had to work so I got up early and started peeling potatoes for the dish I was making. Unfortunately I thought I could put all the peelings down the disposal. Note to self: Do not put a bunch of potato peels down the disposal! Luckily Michael came to the rescue and got everything cleared out.

December 24 continued:
I cut one of the page protectors in half to add a few additional photos. I included a name tag from one of my presents that Christopher gave me as the page turner.

Other side of skinny page:

December 25:
On Christmas Day we went to Michael and Robin's house and got to spend a wonderful time with them, the girls and Robin's family. It was so nice and relaxed, well as relaxed as it can be with two little girls on Christmas Day!

December 25 continued:
Some additional pictures of the fun we had on Christmas Day. The top right picture is a little dark, but I love it. I got Khloë an Instax Polaroid type camera and she loved it. She used two packs of film and every picture came out perfect. I think she's going to be the new photographer in the family.

I've decided to continue with my December Daily thru the end of the year so I'll be back in a few days with more pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

December Daily 19-21

It's the big day. Khloë actually turned 5 on the 18th, but her party was on Saturday, December 19. Her theme this year was Ariel/under the sea. My sister Michelle did the amazing cake again. I am always excited to see the cake because she does such a good job. And they taste good too!

December 19:

December 20:
Here I go running out of time and still have presents to buy. Unfortunately the one day I have free it's raining. Oh well, lets get this done.

December 21:
The stockings are hung and the decorations are up. We're almost ready for Christmas.

Tomorrow is my birthday so it will probably be a couple of days before I post more of my December Daily. I'll be back soon, another year older.

Monday, January 4, 2016

December Daily 14-18

I'm back with a few more finished pages.

December 14:
We didn't really have anything going on except work, but when we got home we found this beautiful poinsettia on our porch from our neighborhood realtors.

December 15:
Office holiday party always includes yummy food catered in. I think I have a picture of my plate of food every year and I think it always looks the same. Potatoes, bacon, fruit and something sweet.

December 16:
Another day wrapping presents. I still have a lot to do, but I ran out of tags so I'll have to wait until I make some more.

December 17:
I made some more tags and wrapped some more presents. Starlet decided to "help", but all she managed to do is wrinkle the paper and get a plastic bag stuck around her neck. Silly girl, didn't her mom teach her not to play with plastic bags?

December 18:
After work Christopher and I went to the mall to get some more shopping done and to say "hi" to Santa.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe New Year. I was able to spend a lot of the day in my craft room and the evening with my family, just the way I like it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Daily 11-13

I'm back. I got a few more pages done. I'm really trying to get caught up before the end of the year. Not sure I'm going to make it though.

December 11
Khloë had a Christmas party at her school and we were all invited. It was so much fun seeing her go through each craft station. They made Christmas trees out of sugar cones and frosting, reindeer food, ornaments and hot cocoa. They even had Santa stop by to see all the kids.

December 12
After the Christmas party the girls came home with us for the weekend. We went on a walk through the nature park, Went to the bank so the girls could make a deposit in their savings account, rode a train, a merry go round and went to the Jelly Belly store. For lunch we took the girls to Pieology so they could make their own pizzas. We had so much fun.

December 13
On Sunday morning we woke up to Khloë and Kylee's elves trying to make us breakfast. They did a good job except the breakfast tasted a little like plastic. Lol.

It has been such a fun weekend. I'm glad I have pictures to keep and share with the girls when they get older.

Monday, December 28, 2015

December Daily 7-10

Happy After Christmas! Now that the celebrations are behind us I'm slowly getting caught up on my December Daily. I have all of my pictures printed up to today. It's just a matter of finding enough time to make my pages. For now I have December 7th thru the 10th.

December 7
Earlier in the month I mentioned that we went to cut our own tree down for the first time. It was beautiful at the tree farm, but when we got home we quickly came to the conclusion that we must have gotten the wrong tree. It was the scrawniest, saddest looking tree we've ever had. I went to Lowes to get a new tree topper and right out front were some beautiful trees that cost half as much as what we paid. I was very tempted to buy one, but I didn't.

December 8
I had an appointment to get a touch-up on my highlights, but somehow changed my mind when I sat in the chair. The girl that does my hair confirmed that we were just doing the usual and somehow, out of my mouth, came "I think I want to go darker".  She was reluctant and gave me plenty of time to change my mind, but I insisted. (I know it's a little poofy in the second picture. Not sure what happened) I guess we will see how long it takes to lighten up.

December 9
After work we decided to try something new and headed out to Pieology for dinner. It's kinda like a Subway where you can see all the pizza toppings in front of you and you tell the person behind the counter what to add to your dough as you go down the counter. We each had our own creation and it was yummy!

December 10
Finally I was addressing and mailing our Christmas cards. I had bought a couple of kits so I had these done weeks ago. I just kept forgetting to send them.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday.  Check back soon for more December Daily in the days to come.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

December Daily 4-6, 2015

Counting down the days until Christmas. Actually I'm counting how many days I have left to finish my shopping. I'm starting to get a little worried that I won't get everything done. At least I've been able to stay caught up on my December Daily so far.

Day 4
I did as much shopping as I could in one day. I still have a lot to do though.

Day 5
We were all excited about cutting down our own Christmas tree for the first time. Khloë was very selective and made sure she picked just the right one.

Day 6
Scooter's Birthday! He loves his birthday present. He's afraid to walk on the slippery wood laminate floor and we usually end up laying down area rugs and towels for him so I decided for his birthday I would get a large rug for our family room so that he would feel more comfortable walking around. It worked. He loves it. Look at that happy boy!

Have a wonderful day and I hope you're as happy as a mastiff with a new rug.

Friday, December 4, 2015

December Daily 2015

Happy December. I'm working on a December Daily again this year. Are any of you joining the fun? I haven't finished my cover page, but I have a calendar printed that will be the main focus. I got the calendar as a free printable from Stitch in Time on their blog.

So far I've kept up with each day. December 1st a family friend stayed with us because he and my husband were leaving at 5:00 in the morning to golf. We went to my favorite restaurant for dinner, Texas Roadhouse.

December 2nd the boys were gone and I had a company come out to the house to give me a quote on expanding our deck. Our backyard is pretty much a blank slate right now with just a big area of grass. The guy that came out had some really good ideas and the prices were in line with the other quotes I've gotten. The biggest problem now will be the weather. I'm not sure how wet it will be in January and we might have to wait a few months longer to get started.

December 3rd I took Coco for a grooming. It was raining before I got home from work (which she loves) so when I got home she was a wet mess. I figured it would be okay because the groomer would be getting her wet for her bath anyway. Once we got there she was so excited she was trying to climb over the gate and the desk to greet "her friends" the groomers. I have never seen a dog that loved to go to the groomers like her. She didn't even look back to say bye as they took her leash. When I went to pick her up two hours later she was climbing into a groomers lap and giving her kisses. She didn't even care that I was standing there waiting for her. She was getting attention and that's what she lives for. She loves everyone and believes that everyone loves her.

Half a day at work today and then I'm off to Starbucks and Christmas shopping. Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Craftroom Update

Well, here we are at the beginning of June. It's been almost three months since moving day and I'm still working on my scrappy room. I had the layout the way I thought I wanted it and then changed my mind again. I had the closet the way I thought I wanted it and changed my mind again. Who knows where this will all end?
Here are a few pictures of the updates:

This first picture is when I thought I was done and had everything where it would be.

Then, I decided to "re-do" my closet so that I would have more storage. I had a closet company that was going to come out and put two shelves above my paper racks and cubes. Well, I got impatient and decided to take everything out myself and take down the existing wire shelf and clothes bar.

Once the closet was cleared out I started measuring and realized my Ikea Expedit would fit perfectly (almost) in the bottom of the closet. I removed all of the albums and stuff on top. Luckily my dear husband was home to help with the big lifting.

Here is the finished closet. My paper racks and a small bookcase fit perfectly on top of the Ikea Expedit. You can't see it in the picture but there is a shelf in the top of the closet for storage. I didn't want to see it so I had the closet guy install it above the closet opening. It's perfect for storing my space heater and craft bags for traveling (among other things) that I don't use or want to see on a regular basis. Once I had everything set up I decided I didn't want to put the mirrored doors back on so they are being stored in a downstairs closet for now.

Then I had to do something about my cabinets. I wanted a flat surface for working, but I also wanted storage on the sides. I decided to use my cubes at each end.

I added a few accessories and I think I'm done.

Close-up of the workspace I have now.
This is a picture of the opposite wall where I have my large desk.

I think I'm getting closer to crafting. I actually used that little bit of clear space on my desk to do some coloring for a 30 day coloring challenge on Facebook. I'll post information for that soon. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

I NEED My Craftroom!

Well, the craftroom is still a work in progress. I moved a few more things around and added a LOT more STUFF. Yikes! Where did it all come from? I still have boxes that haven't been opened yet. I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get through it all.

I started to feel a little desperate and needed to do something crafty, so I cleared off a small space on my desk and searched some boxes for a Close to my Heart kit that I could play with. I wanted a kit because it's the only way I'll have everything I need to get a project done.

The kits come with all the paper and embellishments you need, including a stamp set. Now where are my scissors? Luckily I already had my ink pads and ATG gun unpacked.

So far my ink pads and Copic markers are the only things that have stayed in their original spot.

The kit that I found in my box of "stuff" is for Thanksgiving cards. Hmmmm, it's only April and there are a lot of occasions for cards before Thanksgiving, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. And I gotta do some crafting before I go crazy!

I was able to get all 15 cards in the kit completed in just two evenings. Now I'm wondering if I can use some of these for housewarming party thank you notes. If we ever get around to having that party anyway.

So ladies and gentlemen, the next time you feel the need to craft, but you're short on time, supplies, energy, space or just imagination, grab a kit and enjoy how easy it can be.
Blessed are the children of scrapbookers, for they shall inherit the scrapbooks.