Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New and Improved Scrapbook Room

My room is finally put back together (for the most part). I still can't put anything in my closet because the builder has to come back and fix the hole in the wall, but my workspace is up and running.

Before Picture:

After Picture:

I painted the walls a creamy color to brighten things up and then I got started putting things the way I wanted them. I used my Jetmax cubes to form the base of my desk. In the before shot you can see that I had some of the cubes at the end of my desk, but I had a bookshelf in the front. I like the cubes alot better because they provide more storage.

To the right of my desk I have four more cubes with a top on them to provide another desk/working area. In these drawers I keep my most used items, such as pens, adhesives, stamp blocks and white cardstock. On top I keep my Copic markers, stamp pads and occasionally my cat.

On top of my main work space I have a shelf (I think it was made for shoes) that holds my Cricut Imagine machine. Below that I have a plastic container that holds projects in process, my paper cutter and Creative Memories picture trimmer. I also have my Gypsy on my desk at all times. I don't think I could use my Imagine without it.

That's it. That's my room. I didn't make any huge changes, but things are a little neater and more organized now. I also found that I have 2 or 3 containers of items that I need to sell. Now if I can just find the time to put everything on Ebay....

Have a wonderful day. I'm going to spend some time in my room now.


  1. What a wonderful, organized crafting space! Love all the improvements! Kitty has given its approval!:0)

  2. Oh wow, Love it. I love to see peoples spaces. I can watch videos and blogs all day on scrap areas. I can always pick up some ideas here and there. Love the way you organized and set up your desk with the cubes. I have 8 and love them.
    If you watch you tube videos I have my room tour in there. My channel name is :
    Thanks for sharing you room. Very nice. The color is very nice and calm.
    TFS. Ana

  3. You Go Girl!!!! I know you were kinda frustrated about it, but I can't believe how quickly you got the room painted & everything back in & set up!!! Maybe you can come help me when I get ready to tackle my room : )

  4. Wow, what a great crafting space! I am sooo jealous! :) I need some of that storage!!!!

  5. What a great room, looks like a fun place to work in. {And the cat must love it too!!! ;} Thanks for the kind comment you made on my layout!!

  6. That looks great! I can't wait to finish my blog hop stuff so I can re-organize! seems like all I do is organize! tehe! but its so much fun to work in a clean space isn't it?!! Looks awesome! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I love comments!

  7. You are so lucky to have all that space! It looks great!

  8. I love your craft room!! Getting organized seem to let me scrap alot more.

  9. OMG I am so glad I "found" your blog. I love all of it, but this room is FABULOUS. I have some jetmax -- I'll be getting a whole lot more!! Thanks.


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