Friday, January 8, 2016

December Daily 22-25

December 22:
Another quiet night at home. I love the real fireplace, but I really miss the gas fireplace in our old house. I really liked being able to flip a switch to turn it on and get instant warmth. My dear husband 100% prefers the real fire and did not like the gas one.

December 23:
At the last minute our Christmas plans changed drastically. We were supposed to have Christmas Day at my mom's house, but on the 23rd we found out half of the family wouldn't be able to make it. My mom thought it would be too much for us to drive 2 1/2 hours to her house so we offered to have everyone over on Christmas Eve. We hadn't done very much decorating so we had to kick it in high gear to get some lights up outside and some garland on the stairs. A few other decorations and that was it.

December 24:
Hubby had to work so I got up early and started peeling potatoes for the dish I was making. Unfortunately I thought I could put all the peelings down the disposal. Note to self: Do not put a bunch of potato peels down the disposal! Luckily Michael came to the rescue and got everything cleared out.

December 24 continued:
I cut one of the page protectors in half to add a few additional photos. I included a name tag from one of my presents that Christopher gave me as the page turner.

Other side of skinny page:

December 25:
On Christmas Day we went to Michael and Robin's house and got to spend a wonderful time with them, the girls and Robin's family. It was so nice and relaxed, well as relaxed as it can be with two little girls on Christmas Day!

December 25 continued:
Some additional pictures of the fun we had on Christmas Day. The top right picture is a little dark, but I love it. I got Khloë an Instax Polaroid type camera and she loved it. She used two packs of film and every picture came out perfect. I think she's going to be the new photographer in the family.

I've decided to continue with my December Daily thru the end of the year so I'll be back in a few days with more pictures.

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