Sunday, August 21, 2011

I'm Back!

I cannot believe it has been two weeks since my last post. It's been a crazy time with my family. My Dad had an allergic reaction to some of his medications and ended up in the hospital. Just when he finally got out of the hospital and was feeling a little better it happened again. This time it was even scarier because the doctor had taken him off all of his medications. They had no idea at this point what was causing his throat to swell shut.

Hubby and I packed some clothes and headed off to the hospital.... 16 hours away. We drove straight there, only stopping when necessary. I was very happy that I could be there when my Dad woke up. We stayed until he was out of the hospital and then had to make the long trip back home. He had an appointment with a specialist the next day and they think it was the first allergic reaction that was not fully out of his system. He was only told to take Benadryl for 3 days. Once the three days had passed the swelling came back. Now he is on a few different medications for 10 days. According to the doctor that should take care of it. I sure hope so.

Now that we are back home I had a little time to spend in my scrapbook room and unwind. I was working on a layout before we left, so I got that finished up and started on a second one. Here is the sketch I used. It is page 33 from PageMaps.

The layout includes pictures of my younger son again. For the Cricut cuts I used Don Juan for the title and George for the stars and circles.

I'll try to get the 'girl' version finished and posted tomorrow. I'm almost done with it. Hopefully I won't be missing in action anymore, but most importantly I hope everyone stays well. Take care everyone. Cindy


  1. how scary for you all with your dad. prayers he gets a full recovery this time! what a cute Lo..

  2. So glad that your Dad's doing better &, hopefully, doctor's latest "hunch" will be the one that prevents it from happening again!! And, look at you being so productive after dealing with all that!!! Love the layout of your DS & can't wait to see the girl this rate, you might run out of pics to scrap soon!!!!

  3. This LO is too cute, love the colors and the sweet pictures...I am so glad your dad is feeling better and hope his new meds work for him.


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