Sunday, January 5, 2014

Project Life cards from Scraps

With a new year comes new resolutions. One of mine is to use what I have. It's so easy to buy all the new pretty supplies, but I have a room that is overflowing with supplies. I don't need to buy anymore.

So today I spent most of my time trying to use up some of my scraps. I am doing my own version of Project Life and find myself taking up a lot of time finding the right filler cards. I have a few of the Becky Higgins kits and a couple Simple Stories kits, but I get bored using the same products over and over. All of this led me to using scraps and making my own cards.

I started by pulling out some scraps of patterned paper and some old paper stacks. After I had a few patterned papers that went together I looked through my solid cardstock scraps and pulled out the colors that matched the patterns.

I cut the papers in various sizes and started gluing them together.

Once I finished with my first papers I pulled out another set of patterned papers and solid cardstock scraps. I did the same process of cutting them to various sizes and gluing them together. I made 4x6 cards and 3x4 cards.

I now have two different sets of Project Life cards that I can use in my books. I had a good time putting these together and putting my scraps to good use so I will definitely be making more of these.

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  1. This is super way to use up your scraps. Your cards look great! TFS


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