Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's Magic layout

The pictures on this layout aren't the best quality. In fact some of them are just down right blurry, but I love the expression on Khloë's face, especially in the last picture.

When my son and his family moved into their first home Khloë was just a year and half old. She had fun checking out all the cabinets and finding which one's she could hide in. The one in the kitchen corner was her favorite.

The first time I saw her go in the cabinet I asked her what she was doing. She just looked at me with that little smile, like to say, "Watch me. I'm going to disappear now".

Of course I played along and said, "Where's Khloë? Where's Khloë?"  She popped the door back open and jumped out laughing. She was laughing so much it was hard to get a good picture.

The last picture is the blurriest, but it's also my absolute favorite. Even with it being such a bad picture you can see how much she was laughing. That is pure joy.


  1. Adorable. Love those cute pictures!!

  2. Oh, Miss Cindy Loo!!!!! I love, love, love this layout! Would you just look at Khloe's "michelin man" arms in that 4th picture??????!! OMG! This is also a perfect example of why I don't delete all my "bad" pics...sometimes the blurry ones capture the moment the best!

  3. Fantastic layout. Those pictures really tell the story!

  4. Love this layout. I really think you can feel how much joy is coming from her in those pictures, it just makes you smile. Love the colors and papers too.


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