Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Day 21-24, December Daily

I'm finished all the way up to Christmas Eve. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will continue until December 31st though. I like having the whole month in one album.

December 21 and 22:

Day 21: I had stayed the night at my son and daughter in law's on the 20th so on the 21st I woke up to Khloë telling me I had to go see what her elves had done. (I might add that she was eating a marshmallow as she was tugging at me to come see). We walked into the hall bathroom and saw the elves taking a marshmallow bath in the sink. Too funny.

Day 22 I realized there was no way I could do another thing in my scraproom until I cleared some space. How does it get this bad? Also saw this cute smoosh faced puppy at the bank. She was like a tiny different colored Scooter. Lol.

December 23 and 24:

Day 23 I didn't do much of anything except get ready for Christmas. That included filling up the car for our drive on Christmas morning. Gas prices are sooooo low right now. Loving it.

Day 24. Christmas Eve was finally here. I loved watching the girls open presents. Khloë was the funniest. She would open something, exclaim how much she loved it and then toss it aside to open another. Kylee just had fun opening anything she could get her hands on.

On Christmas Eve we had our own little Christmas together before the arrival of husbands side of the family. Then we got to do it all again. I added flip pages to this page so that you could see more pictures underneath.

Next will be Christmas Day! I don't know how I'll decide on the pictures to use. I might need a lot of flip pages. Hopefully I can get them finished in the next couple of days, but not tonight. Tonight we all go out to dinner for my birthday. See you soon.


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