Friday, January 2, 2015

Day 8, 9, 10 and 11 December Daily

Hello and Happy January 2nd. I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year. I loved having the day off work. Got a few more pages completed in my December Daily. I was also able to do a little cleaning in my craft room and put some things away. There is now a noticeable amount of floor space that is showing. Still not much room on my desk, but I'll get there.

Four more pages completed in my December Daily! I'm pretty happy with my progress lately since I got started so late. Here are pages 8 & 9.

December 8th was just a normal work day. Nothing special, but I did have an eye appointment after work. As I suspected my eyes are getting worse as I get older. I got my first pair of glasses last year for reading. This year the eye doctor suggested adding a second pair for driving. She said it would help my eyes not feel so fatigued and make driving at night easier because the glare from the lights wouldn't be as bad. Stay tuned for the follow up story.

December 9th Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was on tv. It was the first Christmas movie of the season for me. At this point I was trying really hard to convince myself that it was that time of year. The days have gone by so fast and I am not ready. What happened to summer?

December 10th and 11th:

December 10th we had a very yummy breakfast put on by the building management at work. I'm not usually a big breakfast person, but I thought about going back and getting a second plate. The potatoes were my favorite.

After work I had to get gas (so that I could get to work again the next day). The lines were crazy long. I guess everyone was taking the weather man seriously when they said it was going to be the worst storm in 10 years and that we should prepare. Luckily I stopped at Starbucks before getting in line.

On the 11th the rain continued. I had to work so I could only hope everything was okay at home. We have some large redwood trees on the hill behind us and I was hoping they would still be standing when I got home. We get a lot of wind in our area so I was also worried about the fence holding up. I didn't want the dogs to get out during the storm. Luckily everything was fine at home. Just a few puddles that hadn't drained. Scooter was smart and stayed in the garage where it was warm and dry. Coco of course was like any two year old. She was having the time of her life running around in the rain and jumping in puddles. Silly girl.

See you again tomorrow with a few more pages.


  1. Ha! I love that Starbucks made it into the journal! And I love that you included currents events, like the storm prediction. Makes it like a time capsule-- so cool!

  2. Every year I say I will do one of these awesome books and I forget. Yours is looking so fun and great


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