Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Worth the Weight

This is a pretty simple layout. I used New Arrival for the pregnant lady, cut at 3.5". The title was cut from a Child's Year at 2". These are really old photos from when I was pregnant with my second son (almost 20 years ago). I was almost 9 months pregnant. We had just moved to our first house during the worst heat wave of the year and we had no air conditioning. It was torture. My son and I went to the local mall just to cool off. I'm having fun going through all of these old pictures. I'm not sure where all the time went, but it sure went fast.

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  1. Love your layout...brings back memories for me! My oldest son was born in July...we had a car with NO air conditoner and live in southeast Alabama...boy was I miserable!
    I have a little blog award for you over at my place...stop by when you get a chance!
    Tanya - nonnascraftcorner


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