Monday, April 11, 2011

More organizing

Happy Monday everyone. Hope you had a good weekend. I'm still in organizing mode. Unfortunately I still have a lot to do. I've been buying so many cartridges lately that I decided I needed to find a way to organize my booklets. I have a Gypsy, so my actual cartridges and overlays are stored away in boxes. I love to look through the book though, especially for layering. I was keeping my books in a drawer - not in any kind of order. I didn't have very many, so it wasn't hard to flip through them to find the one I wanted. Now that I'm up to OVER 70, it's getting a little harder. I saw a post on Okie's blog about how she organizes her Cricut books and thought it looked like the perfect solution. I started out using the tabs you can buy at any office supply store. I liked those because as I add more carts I can take out the paper insert and re-alphabetize. Well, I ran out of those and forgot to get more when I went to the store so I decided to use my Cricut to make paper labels. And you know what, I like them more than the store bought ones. They are bigger and easier to read. The only problem is that it will be a little harder to add new cartridges to the mix. That's okay though. I'll figure that out when the time comes. (I really don't need anymore carts!) So here is a picture of my drawer with half of the booklets done. I haven't finished yet, but I will soon. It really is a lot nicer to have the booklets alphabetized. Now it takes no time at all to find what I'm looking for.
Now if I can just finish this and the rest of the room so that I can get back to crafting I'll be happy. It seems like an endless process. I'm never super organized, but I should at least be able to see the top of my desk, right? Maybe I should take a picture of my desk right now and post it. Naw, I'm not that brave. Maybe after I finish organizing and cleaning. Stay tuned to see if that ever happens. LOL. 


  1. It looks great. I finally broke down a few months ago and used the snapware system. It does take a lot of discipline to put the new carts in them right away though.

  2. Looks great.
    I have my carts on a homemade clip it up but I am very close to growing out of it.

  3. There is nothing like flipping through the books when you are stumped for ideas! Very organized! Love it!

  4. very if I could only find where I put those storage containers...

  5. I have mine organized the same way and even have my carts and ooverlays with the books in case my daughter wants to use them. I agree the books are a must. Thanks for dropping by my blog I am your newest follower. Thanks Momo for bringing us together.


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