Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sold Out!

Wow, that was fast. From what I hear HSN sold 8,500 Cricut E2 machines and sold out before the day was over. If you wanted one I hope you got it. I wish I was at home watching HSN live when all the partyin' was going on. I love to watch the World Launches of Provo Craft items. Congratulations to everyone that was able to pick up this new fancy machine.


  1. Was watching online from Aberdeen Scotland. quite fancy the E2 but will need to wait until it launches in the UK. Can't believe they won't be releasing anymore in the US they will lose out on a lot of sales I think. I have the expression and the gypsy but can't decide really if I need the new E2.

  2. I would have to assume if they plan on phasing out the keypad they would have to make another E2 or they would loose a lot of happy customers...how annoying would that be to have to look in the handbook just to know what button to push?

    Maybe what will set this model apart from the others is the fact that it came preloaded with four carts and the fact that you can change the colored parts.

    I ordered last night at 10:30...now I just have to find a crafty way of letting the hubby know...he will not be happy :(

  3. I ordered one:) I am so excited for it to arrive:)


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