Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It's A Wrap Blog Hop this Saturday!

Happy Tuesday everyone. Sorry no post yesterday. It was a Monday and REALLY felt like a Monday. The weather has changed all of a sudden from 100 degrees to somewhere in the 70's. I feel more like hibernating than crafting right now and I seem to have lost all creativity for the moment. I did get started on my project for this Saturday's Blog Hop. I hope you'll be here to join us in all the fun. I'm still getting my blog candy ready. I want to see how much stuff I can pack into one of those "if it fits, it ships" small or medium boxes. I need to go to the post office to check them out.
So far no project for today. After work I'll try to get something posted. For now I'll leave you with a picture of my Grand-daughter.
It's summer time and what goes better with summer than watermelon! She is just learning to eat different foods and this was her first taste of watermelon. She loved it. I wish I had a video of this moment because it was so adorable. She wasn't trying to bite the watermelon at all. She was happy to just slurp the juice out. Nothing was moving except her little nose - like a little rabbit. Hope you're having a happy summer. Cindy


  1. Love the watermelon photo and oh those if it fits ships boxes...great idea!!!! guess i can not win during my own hop/

  2. I know how you are feeling...seems like my mojo has left the building! Just can't seem to get in the mood of working on anything right now, but for us I think it's the heat and the humidity. Too stinkin' hot to do anything! I love the pic of your granddaughter...looks like she was loving that watermelon...great pic for a scrapping page!


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