Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday Layout

Some new colors for you today. I don't have pictures picked out for this one yet, but I'm thinking it will be for a birthday.
I was looking for birthday pictures before posting and realized I didn't have any printed. I used to get my pictures printed as soon as I took them, but I've gotten so far behind that I made the decision to not print anymore until I'm ready to scrapbook them. Now I wish I hadn't made that decision because I don't have the pictures I need for this layout. I also realized that most of my pictures from the last 7 months are of Baby Khloe. Everyone else has taken a backseat to our first grandbaby. Now I really like this layout, but it's definitely not a baby layout. I guess I'll have to start taking some pictures of the rest of the family! LOL

I used another single page sketch (page 81) and made it into a double 12x12 layout. Now I have to get back to work. (This job thing sure gets in the way of my crafting) Cindy


  1. Look at you go with the page maps. Love this one. Maybe I will pull mine out this week??? Great job.

  2. Such cheerful colors. I love it!

  3. ooohhh...lovin' those colors and patterns! Another fabulous layout!


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