Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cleaning up after Vegas

Good morning friends. Sorry I don't have a project to post today. I can hardly walk into my scraproom at this point. It looks like there was a hurricane that came through.
After getting back from Las Vegas I took everything into my scraproom and starting looking at all the great souvenirs I got. There were so many talented ladies that were at the Circle functions. I came home with calling cards, ribbons, treats, treat holders, pins and so much more. I will try to come back later and post some pictures of everything.
As I was looking through all my goodies I kept thinking about Khloe's 1st birthday coming up in a few months and how I could use all of these ideas for her party. Gift bags, tags, and favor boxes galore. I want to make everything! You'll see what I mean when I get my pictures added later.
Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful day. Cindy


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