Friday, September 2, 2011

Girl Version

Happy Friday everyone. Any big plans for the holiday weekend? I had some time to finish my layout of Khloe and now a little time to relax. I haven't figured out what else I'll be doing for the next 3 days, but I'm sure it'll include some craft time.
Okay, so here is my layout. I used the same cartridges for this girl version as I did the boy version. Pooh Font for the font, Straight From the Nest for the scallop and George for the circle under the title. Oh, also Tie the Knot for the tag.

I can't believe these pictures are already 3 months old. Time is just flying by and Khloe is getting so big. She has one tooth now and doing a lot of teething. Her mommy isn't getting any sleep these days because poor little Khloe isn't sleeping very much.  Boy do I remember those days from when my boys were little.

Happy Crafting everyone. Cindy


  1. What a sweet, girly girl layout! So pretty in pink! And Miss Khloe...oh my goodness...she couldn't be any cuter! Those cheeks are just begging to be pinched! Beautiful layout and beautiful baby!

  2. Adorable!! What cart is the border from that you used under the row of "main" pics on both layouts??? I don't recognize it but I LOVE it!


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