Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Penguins everywhere!

I have made so many penguins lately that it's time for a break. They are very cute, but those little feet and beaks are torture to glue on one by one. I thought I would share the way I put my pieces together after cutting them out with my Cricut.

I was cutting out 15 penguins at a time. I like to leave all of my pieces on my mat while I work so that I don't lose any of those tiny feet or beaks.

You can see in the picture above that I leave the back layer of the penguins attached to the mat and glue the other layers right on top. This helps hold the pieces still while I work and nothing gets lost.

And here are some of the finished penguins.

We used penguins for toppers on the party favors, on toothpicks for finger foods, the banner that I already showed and also for the birthday cake. I was very pleased with everything matching and because we're having such cold weather lately the penguins with their cute little scarves are a perfect theme.


  1. Oh, they are adorable! Good tip about leaving the cuts on the mat. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  2. Love them..especially the polka dot feet and nose!!

  3. Well now, aren't you the clever Circlet????!!! What a great idea about leaving the base layers on the mat while you build the penguins!! I hope your DIL got some closeup pics that you can share with us!!


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