Monday, January 2, 2012

Making Progress

Happy 2nd day of the year. How are you doing with your resolutions? Did you make any? I would love to hear about them.
I spent the day cleaning my scrapbook room. I've done pretty good so far. I realize I have waaaay too much stuff though. I already have a container full of stuff for the scrap-sale in March and I haven't even gone through my cabinets yet. Here are a couple of pictures to show my progress.

I can walk through the room! The top of my desk is cleared off! I even moved my Expression off my desk and replaced it with my Imagine. I am going to force myself to use my Imagine more and this is the best way to do it. I unplugged my old faithful Expression and put her on the guest desk.

As you can see in the picture above I still have some cleaning to do on the shelf under my Imagine and also a few things to put away on my guest desk in the background. For now I'm taking a break and will hopefully have some time to get a little more done tomorrow.

I also wanted to add a picture of my paper racks. They are not organized at all yet. The papers are just thrown up there in no kind of order at all. Once my scraproom is all clean and organized I hope to use up a lot of that patterned paper. Then I'll use one of the paper racks for just solid card stock (organized by color).

There's a New Years Challenge going on over at the Cricut Messageboard. The first item to organize in the challenge is paper. Maybe I'll start on that tomorrow. Of course I'll be back to work tomorrow, so we'll have to see how it goes. Happy Scrapping, Cindy


  1. Oh how I love your paper racks!!! I've been searching high and low for some!!! Your room looks great!

  2. Looking Good!!! TFS for me...I packed up my crafts and am in the process of rearranging my whole room...AAArrrrghhh what was I thinking....LOL

  3. WOW!! You're making lots of progress...Good Job!

  4. It looks like you're doing a great job cleaning and reorganizing!! What was the scrap sale in March that you referred to? It sounds like fun!!!

    Amy E.

  5. Your scrap room looks like a Store!! Nice space!

  6. Oh, thank you for sharing pictures! I am leaning towards the big white cubes for my room and you just gave me a great idea! Thanks


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