Monday, January 21, 2013

My Life Monday - Project Life wk 2

What a week it was. It all started off with my birthday on Monday. My younger son took me and my husband out to dinner to celebrate and also bought me a big piece of cake. (not the best week for trying to lose weight). It was super sweet and we had a good time at dinner.

I wanted my title card to reflect my birthday week so I chose Birthday Bash for the funny bird. I then used Art Philosophy for the font, a strip of washi tape and a little stamping.

The week was extremely cold and my space heater in my scraproom got a work-out. Evidently I'm not the only one that enjoys it though. Everytime I plug it in I find Olivia laying in front of it.

I added the picture of my desk at work because it was such a crazy, stressful day at work. Our computer guy came in because the computers were doing weird things. At first he thought our computers were hacked and that it started with my computer. Luckily it was just a virus and it DIDN'T start with my computer. He got us back up and running before the work day was over.

This week I got my first ever flu shot. It's been all over the news that the flu has hit epidemic proportions and that everyone should get the shot if they are able to find one. I guess California is one of only 3 states where the flu hasn't peaked yet and a lot of places have run out of the vaccine.

The rest of the week included getting my hair done and football all weekend. (Go 49ers!) The very last picture is of my sweet hubby washing our vehicles. I'm so glad he washes them because it's too cold for me.

Well, that's my life for the week. The next couple of weeks are going to be busy so it might be tough to keep myself on schedule, but I'm going to try. I may not get any layouts done though.


  1. Very fun week. Love the title page/block for your week.

  2. I love this! The best part is there are SO many pictures of YOU!! I'm working on that for mine, but not having much success.


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