Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Room for Craft Stuff

So this is how my evening went after work. I got home, started to vacuum and husband comes in
the house to ask me if I called a tow truck. To make a long story short, yes I did. My wonderful dear son that I love to death never checked the oil in his car and found out too late that it was completely out. The engine seized up and then wouldn't start at all. Too late for oil at this point. After months of trying to get husband and wonderful dear son to take care of getting rid of the car I took matters into my own hands and had it towed away. Unfortunately when I asked if the tow company could come the same day, I was told "no". Well, ten minutes after getting home my husband comes in the house and says there's a tow truck outside. Ugh! We had to scramble to find the keys and push the car out of the garage so that it could be loaded onto the tow truck.
Then the car wouldn't fit with the other cars already loaded. It was a big mess. My husband and I both ended up helping the tow truck driver get everything manuevered just right. I can now say that I have used the controls on a tow truck to lower and lift the truck bed. (that was kinda fun)
So all of this trouble means that I have an empty garage (at the moment) and I can hopefully find room for storing some of the things that are upstairs in our bonus room. If I can get the bonus room cleaned out I would love to paint and build a nice scrapbook room that will be big enough for friends and family to come over and scapbook with me. That's the plan. Hopefully I can make it happen.

Monday, February 25, 2013

My Life Monday - Week 6

Hello and welcome to another week of my life. At the beginning of the week my younger son was sick with the flu. Then my husband was sick with a cold. Luckily everyone was feeling better by the time Saturday came.

It was important for everyone to feel better by Saturday because we had a party to go to. Our older son and daughter in law threw an anniversary party for us, for our 25th wedding anniversary.

Other things I wanted to highlight for the week (besides all of the flu and cold medicine) was the price of gas, the number of rolls of pictures I had developed and our orange tree that was full of oranges. Oh and I can't forget my chocolate croissant!

I wasn't very creative this week with my title card or the journaling cards. I used Art Philosophy for the week and the date again. The arrows were cut from some pre-printed papers. I added the dates with my Smash date stamp and then I added some washi tape.

Monday, February 18, 2013

My Life Monday - week 5

Do you ever feel like time is just flying by? That's how I feel lately. Maybe it's because we've been so busy lately. I just can't believe we're more than half way through February already. This is one reason I'm glad I've been documenting our lives with Project Life. Even though I'm only on week 5 I like to look back and remember the things we've done and also remember the days we didn't do much of anything.

It took me a little longer than I expected, but I was able to get week 5 completed. I had to add a couple extra pages because I couldn't narrow down the pictures any further. These two pages were the first three days of our vacation. We had rain and sun each day.

My title card was made using the Art Philosophy cartridge and Pack Your Bags for the palm tree, cut at 3.75".

The turtle was cut from Create a Critter at 1.50".

On the right side page I used Quarter Note for the Happy Anniversary, cut at 1".

The next two pages take us through the end of our vacation. We went on a helicopter ride, to a Luau and snorkeling with a sea turtle.

The helicopter was cut from Boys will be Boys at 3". The clouds were cut from Create a Critter at various sizes.

The hula girl was cut from Life's a Beach at 3.8". The little crab was cut from the same cartridge at 1".

This cute little sea turtle was cut from Pack your Bags at 3".

The fancy umbrella drink was cut from Pack your Bags at 4".

Unless I lost count I think that makes 6 cartridges used for these pages. I love that so many of the cartridges work well together. See you next time. Cindy

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

25th Anniversary Party and Vacation

25 years ago I married my best friend. Time sure flies when you're having fun. When I stop and think about it I realize we sure have come a long way since those young ages of 19 and 22. We have two sons that have grown into responsible, hard working young men that we are very proud to call ours, a daughter in law that is sweet, beautiful and a loving mom to our youngest blessing known as Khloë.

I just love this picture of her with her new guitar from Maui. She was going around saying, "I Rock!"

The boy and girl topper on the cake is from our wedding. My mom saved it all these years and gave it to my sister who made all of the cakes, cupcakes and cake pops for the party.

Cutting the cake.

And this is how it went down... (see that evil little look in his eye?)

I know this one is blurry, but you get the picture.

Yep, just like our wedding day (-:

And a couple more civilized pictures... Son Christopher on the left, hubby and I holding Khloë in the middle, daughter in law Robin and son Michael on the right.

Khloë reading us a card. She's so serious.

This picture includes us, my sister Michelle (Sinplicity Cupcakes) and her family.

 It was an amazing (and a little emotional) day and we couldn't have asked for anything more. We walked in to a beautifully decorated party with yummy food and desserts, hosted by our son and daughter in law. We were surrounded by the people we love most. Thank you to each and every family member and friend that spent the day with us.

This year being the big "25" I decided to surprise hubby and take him to Maui. It was our first time to Maui and our first big vacation. We've always done things closer to home like Disneyland, Great America, Marine World and things like that with the kids. This time it was just the two of us. I shared a few pictures last week, but thought I would add a few more now that I have gone through all of them.

Going to our first Luau.

Our first (and last) helicopter ride.

A day on the beach.

Whales fighting for the love of a girl.

Real bananas!

Beautiful sunset at dinner.

I guess this turned into a pretty long, picture heavy post. Thank you for stopping by and sharing our memories with us.

Monday, February 11, 2013

My Life Monday - Week 4 Part 2

Happy Monday friends. I was able to get another week completed for Project Life, but was not able to catch up like I wanted. I have a really good excuse though :-) My older son and his wife hosted a 25th wedding anniversary party for my husband and I on Saturday. It was a beautiful party with all of our family and friends there. I will share some of those pictures in another post sometime this week.

For now Here is week 4.

Not too many photos this week, but lots of journaling again. The title card is pretty simple this week. I added some strips of paper and then the date on top. I used Close to my Heart's Art Philosophy cartridge for the letters. They were cut at 1.25" and .8"

The last day of this week was the day we flew to Maui for our 25th wedding anniversary. I wanted to add a Cricut cut to signify our plane ride. I chose Pack your Bags for the plane. It was cut at 1.25". The last 3x4 card on this page was made using Jubilee for the letters cut at 1.25" and a sun cut at 16" from Pack your Bags, which I cut in half to leave room for the words below it.

That's all for today. I'll be back soon with pictures from the party and another week from My Life. I will also be working on some Thank You cards and some layouts to share. See you next time. Cindy

Monday, February 4, 2013

My Life Monday - Week 4

Hello hello. I don't have pictures of my week 4 Project Life today, but I have a few pictures to share. My husband and I were on vacation last week celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary in Maui. Once I get the pictures sorted and printed I'll update my Project Life and hopefully have that posted before next Monday when I should be posting week 5.

Here is a picture of the view from our room. To the right was the beach and the ocean (fully equipped with migrating whales and sea turtles).

A view of the pool and beach at the resort. It was beautiful.

Just a couple drinks. I was trying to find one that I liked since I don't really like the taste of alcohol (-;
The one on the left is a Mai Tai (that went to my husband). Didn't like it. The one on the right is a Margarita. It was okay. Still on the hunt....

This last picture was taken on a boat during our whale watching cruise.  That was a lot of fun and the guy in charge of making drinks mixed me up a little drink I like to call Mmmmm, otherwise known as a Lava Flow. This was the winner. (even better blended)

That's all I have for today. I have a lot of unpacking to do and pictures to sort through, but I'll be back with my Project Life post as soon as I can get it done.
Blessed are the children of scrapbookers, for they shall inherit the scrapbooks.