Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December Daily 11-13

I'm back. I got a few more pages done. I'm really trying to get caught up before the end of the year. Not sure I'm going to make it though.

December 11
Khloë had a Christmas party at her school and we were all invited. It was so much fun seeing her go through each craft station. They made Christmas trees out of sugar cones and frosting, reindeer food, ornaments and hot cocoa. They even had Santa stop by to see all the kids.

December 12
After the Christmas party the girls came home with us for the weekend. We went on a walk through the nature park, Went to the bank so the girls could make a deposit in their savings account, rode a train, a merry go round and went to the Jelly Belly store. For lunch we took the girls to Pieology so they could make their own pizzas. We had so much fun.

December 13
On Sunday morning we woke up to Khloë and Kylee's elves trying to make us breakfast. They did a good job except the breakfast tasted a little like plastic. Lol.

It has been such a fun weekend. I'm glad I have pictures to keep and share with the girls when they get older.


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