Monday, December 28, 2015

December Daily 7-10

Happy After Christmas! Now that the celebrations are behind us I'm slowly getting caught up on my December Daily. I have all of my pictures printed up to today. It's just a matter of finding enough time to make my pages. For now I have December 7th thru the 10th.

December 7
Earlier in the month I mentioned that we went to cut our own tree down for the first time. It was beautiful at the tree farm, but when we got home we quickly came to the conclusion that we must have gotten the wrong tree. It was the scrawniest, saddest looking tree we've ever had. I went to Lowes to get a new tree topper and right out front were some beautiful trees that cost half as much as what we paid. I was very tempted to buy one, but I didn't.

December 8
I had an appointment to get a touch-up on my highlights, but somehow changed my mind when I sat in the chair. The girl that does my hair confirmed that we were just doing the usual and somehow, out of my mouth, came "I think I want to go darker".  She was reluctant and gave me plenty of time to change my mind, but I insisted. (I know it's a little poofy in the second picture. Not sure what happened) I guess we will see how long it takes to lighten up.

December 9
After work we decided to try something new and headed out to Pieology for dinner. It's kinda like a Subway where you can see all the pizza toppings in front of you and you tell the person behind the counter what to add to your dough as you go down the counter. We each had our own creation and it was yummy!

December 10
Finally I was addressing and mailing our Christmas cards. I had bought a couple of kits so I had these done weeks ago. I just kept forgetting to send them.

Hopefully you all had a wonderful holiday.  Check back soon for more December Daily in the days to come.


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