Thursday, December 29, 2011

Penguin Gift Bags

I'm back with another Penguin project we made for Khloë's birthday party. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We had so much fun watching Khloë open her presents. Of course one of her favorite things was a box. She sat inside it while her Uncle pushed her around like a car. She was all giggles. Another favorite of hers was my sisters cat. I wish I had gotten a picture. My sisters cat is the most docile thing I've ever seen. He's this big boy cat that walks around the house with clothes on. Khloë pulled on his clothes, pet him (not very softly) and put her fingers up his nose. He just laid there and let her do it. Then she decided to ride him like a pony. Luckily I was close by and kept crazy kitty from getting smooshed. As I pulled Khloë off of him he still just laid there! Then she wanted to give him kisses right on the big ol' kitty smacker. No problem. Nothing bothered him. I'll try to have my sister send me a picture of him so I can post it.
Back to my project of the day.

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture. I took it with my cell phone and forgot to get one at the party with my real camera. I used Creat a Critter for the penguin to match all the other decorations. I ordered the skinny bags from Stampin' Up after someone on the Cricut Message Board let me know where to get them. Love them! The jelly beans are from the Jelly Belly Factory. We're lucky enough to have one in our city. Any and every kind of jelly bean you could ever want. They even have a new flavor called baby wipes. Trust me - don't try it. They taste exactly the way you think they would and you can't get the clean baby powder taste out of your mouth for the rest of the day. Not good.

Here is another picture with some more penguin bags and some that say Khloë on them. I got really tired of making penguins after awhile, even though I think they are the cutest little critters ever. I used Hello Kitty Font to cut out Khloë and Art Philosophy to cut out the background to attach the name.
Have a wonderful day. Cindy

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Glitter Ornaments and a Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone. I wanted to come by real quick and share a picture of my Christmas ornaments I made for the family. I used the floor wax method and Martha Stewart glitter. Once that was done I used my Cricut to cut out everyones name with vinyl.

I used Quarter Note for the font on the girls names. For the boys names I used A Child's Year. Super easy to do and a fun project for kids.
I orded the wooden dowel tree off the internet. I think I will change out the star and use the stand year round for the holidays. Change to a bunny and it's an instant Easter tree. A clover and it's St. Patricks Day!

I'm not sure if you can see the little envelopes on some of the ornaments or not. I cut them out using the Walk in my Garden Cricut cartridge. I'll add a little something inside for the kiddos.


A little glue dot on the top to keep it closed and then tied to the bulb.

Happy and safe Holidays to everyone. Cindy

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Birthday Cake

First thing I have to say is a great big THANK YOU to my sister for making such an awesome cake for my little grand-daughters first birthday. She used the same penguin from the Create A Critter cartridge and tied in all the same colors as the other decorations.

The cake was so cute I didn't want to cut it. In the end we took the top layer off and cut the bottom layer. It was as yummy as it looked. Over the next few days I'm hoping I can post some pictures of the other decorations and favors. Somehow I didn't take close-up pictures of some of the things at the party so I'm hoping my daughter in law has some on her camera. Check back later. Cindy

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Penguins everywhere!

I have made so many penguins lately that it's time for a break. They are very cute, but those little feet and beaks are torture to glue on one by one. I thought I would share the way I put my pieces together after cutting them out with my Cricut.

I was cutting out 15 penguins at a time. I like to leave all of my pieces on my mat while I work so that I don't lose any of those tiny feet or beaks.

You can see in the picture above that I leave the back layer of the penguins attached to the mat and glue the other layers right on top. This helps hold the pieces still while I work and nothing gets lost.

And here are some of the finished penguins.

We used penguins for toppers on the party favors, on toothpicks for finger foods, the banner that I already showed and also for the birthday cake. I was very pleased with everything matching and because we're having such cold weather lately the penguins with their cute little scarves are a perfect theme.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Birthday Banner

I just have to say 'I LOVE MY CRICUT!' Before having my Cricut I would have never been able to make such pretty personalized things. I'll admit that I spend a lot of money on my Cricut habit, but it also saves me a lot of money. Take for example this banner. If I wanted a birthday banner before having my Cricut I would have bought one. It would have cost me more money and it wouldn't have looked as nice. It also wouldn't be personalized with Khloë's name or have the perfect pink color and her favorite penguins.

I still need to add some more tulle and make it a little fluffier (LOL), but you get the idea. This was my very first time making rosettes too. I think I'm hooked. It was so fun. I want  to add rosettes to everything now.

For the font I used the Monogram setting on the Gypsy Font. I really like the swirly cut-outs in the letters so that you can see the background color. The scallop triangle banners were cut using Birthday Bash. After cutting the pink triangle pieces I ran them through my cuttlebug and embossed them with dots.

Khloë likes penguins and they are the theme for her birthday. I found the cute little penguin for her banner on the Create a Critter cartridge. One of my favorite cartridges. There's a critter for every occasion.

Next I'll be making some party favors, but first I need to make a trip to the Jelly Belly Factory for some pink, black and white jelly beans. Have a great weekend everyone. Cindy
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