Monday, September 17, 2012

New Bathroom

Finally I can share some pictures of the bathroom re-do. I still need to hang a picture and get a few accessories, but for the most part it is finally done. Here are a couple of pictures of how the room looked before I started painting.

What was I thinking with those colors? Red and yellow? I must have been hungry at the time. Now when I see these pictures it reminds me of McDonalds! I really did like it when I first painted though :-)

Here are a couple of pictures after I decided to paint everything a neutral color.

I liked the soft cream color better than the red, but it seemed a little dull to me. It needs a little something to spice it up.

Well, after finding out we had a leak in the outside wall behind the toilet, that messed up the linoleum, we decided that we would rather have a tile floor. So after having the builder out several times to find and fix the leak we negotiated the new floor. They were only willing to replace the linoleum or give us a payout. We took the cash so that we could upgrade to tile. That of course meant we had to have someone else install the tile or do it ourselves. After a couple of bids that seemed outrageously priced, in my opinion, we decided to do it ourselves.

I really like the way it came out, but boy was it tough on the old muscles! Not to mention that one thing leads to another...

With new tile I just had to have new paint. And since we had to take the baseboards off to remove the linoleum and install the tile why not get new baseboards?

In the process of removing the old linoleum my dear husband decided to remove the pedestal sink while I was at Home Depot. Well, long story short, the pedestal ended up crashing to the floor and breaking. So now we also have a new cabinet sink. I think we're done for awhile. At least until my body stops hurting.
What do you think? This is the downstairs hall bathroom. I would love to re-do the master bathroom next, but I think that is going to wait a long time. It's a bigger room and will take even more time to complete. For now I'll be happy with what we've done so far.


  1. Love your new bathroom!! The tile looks really pretty & I'm so glad you went with the 2 colors of paint...all that beige didn't look anything like YOU!!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!!

  2. Cindy your new bathroom is beautiful. Such a great job. I love the colors. Illene


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