Thursday, September 20, 2012

"P" for Potty

Tomorrow is the big day... I get my new IPhone! I'm so excited that I took the day off work so that I can play all day. The trade-off will be that I have to go first thing in the morning to have my bloodwork done for the year. That's never fun, but at least I have something to look forward to :-)

In the meantime I have been perusing Pinterest and finding lots of things I want to try. Things from food to DIY projects for the house. Today's project seemed perfect for my new bathroom.

Not the cat. I mean the Monogram on the back of the toilet. Ms Olivia was playing todays model. And not to be outdone, we also have Ms Starlet demanding her turn in the spotlight.

For the monogram I used the Cartridge Tie the Knot. I used black vinyl and cut this out at 6".  I've used this monogram font for several projects. It's my absolute favorite for gifts, especially for glass etching. My dear hubby wasn't very fond of this project though. He said he didn't want his last name associated with a toilet! I told him it was a "P" for potty! LOL


  1. What lovely & talented models you have showcasing your work!! I just showed my DS the pics & he said "well, at least they know where they're pedestal is!" LOL, I wonder if he thought that it was "P" for pedestal????!! Oh Lord!

  2. This looks soooo fun. I might have to try this too. I can't decide what to put in my downstairs powder room...

  3. PS, love your kitties, they look a lot like our pair of new additions to the family. :)


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