Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Update on Surgery Mini Album

Yay! I'm able to post pictures again. It's been a long process to get here, but I finally have a few more pages to share on the mini album. I was at a stand still for awhile because I had not gotten my pictures printed. I finally got that done and then had problems with posting pictures on blogger. I think I'm finally up and running now though. Lets hope it stays that way.

The first couple of pages are pictures of Scooter when he first hurt his leg. The poor thing. He didn't want to do anything but lay around, but who could blame him. Look at those sad eyes.

The next couple of pages are while we were at the hospital waiting to be seen and then waiting for the news to come back from the x-rays.

Being a scrapbooker I just had to get a picture of the x-rays. I also had to get a picture of the hook/latch in the bathroom. I thought it was the funniest thing and brilliant at the same time. My dog would be fine if I had to take him in the restroom with me, but I know some dogs would be climbing all over their owner and nobody wants that in the bathroom! For those dogs, the hook/latch (not sure what to call it) would be perfect to hook the leash to.


Cricut cuts: All Cricut cuts were made from Dr Check-up
Dr Visit cut at 3"
X-ray cut at 3"
In the Hosipital cut at 2 1/2"

That's all I have for today. Now that we have Thanksgiving behind us I'm hoping to get back to my room and finish up a few more pages.


  1. The mini's lookin' great!! How's Scooter doin' these days???

  2. Love your mini! All of the pages and pockets and tags are perfect. Love how you included the leash clip in the rest room, the x-rays, and of course, darling Scooter! Wonderful!


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