Monday, March 25, 2013

Swingsets, cabinets and a puppy, oh my!

Boy, was it a busy weekend. I am sore from head to toe.  It was a non-stop working weekend thats for sure. As soon as I got off work on Friday I drove to my son and daughter-in-law's for the weekend. My son was at gone for a bachelor party for the weekend so us girls decided to do some yard work and put Khloë's swing set together.  We started by rototilling the ground so that we could level it.

We bought some black weed barrier material and 35 bags of rubber bark. After rototilling we leveled the ground as much as we could and then put down the weed barrier. This is Khloë hammering in the stakes to hold the barrier down.

Some of the 35 bags of rubber bark.

And this is what it's all about.

After the swing set was done and some other random yard work, I made the trip to Ikea. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and that I would be in and out in a snap. Well, it didn't work quite that way. Once I saw the white Expedit bookshelves I realized they weren't white white. I was liking the dark brown/black ones better.

I stayed with my original plan though and got two of the white units. Made it home and as I was pulling into the drive way I saw a puppy running in the middle of the street about 8 houses away. I ran down the street and scooped this scared puppy up that by this time was hiding under a car. I took it home after asking a couple of the neighbors if it was theirs.

I will put some flyers out, contact the newspaper, the animal shelters and the veterinarians in the area to see if anyone is looking for her.

I also got two of my cabinets put together for the upstairs bonus room, but not the two bookshelves. After running around today looking for puppy owners I will get back to the bookshelves. So, that was my weekend in a nutshell.


  1. Is there anything better than the giggles and squeals from a little girl on a play set? I think not.

    Well, maybe a new puppy!!

  2. You HAVE been busy!! At least it should be easy to do your weekly PL pages this time...if you ever actually get time to sit down & work on it!


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