Monday, January 28, 2013

My Life Monday - Week 3

Happy Monday and welcome to another week in the life of........ ME! Yep, as boring as it may be, I'm having a lot of fun documenting the everyday stuff. For my title card this week I used the same font as last week - Art Philosophy.

I also added a sun in the corner because that's what I'm desperately seeking these days. It's been really cold and I'm REALLY over it. I wish Spring would hurry and get here. I don't mind a little rain here and there, but can't stand the cold.
I did a lot of journaling this week. I was just in the mood to play with my pens I guess. The first day of the week shows a picture of a tanning bed. With vacation coming up and me being as white as a ghost I thought it might be a smart idea to get a little bit of color on my skin so that I hopefully won't burn. I'll let you know how that goes. I've also heard that it can get with the winter blues because of the lights and little bit of extra vitamin D. I'm not sure how true that is, but it was fun laying there thinking about laying on a beach. (-:

The other pictures are: my new Selphy photo printer that was delivered, hubby and his bacon cheeseburger and the extra bacon that was mine all mine!

The right hand side of the album shows the bumper to bumper traffic on the freeway when I got off work, the ice that was covering my window when I got up for work, Khloë looking at me crazy at Red Robin during lunch and the last picture was at the end of the 49er game on tv when they won and are now headed to the Super Bowl.

I don't remember what was said that made Khloë make this face, but she cracks me up. She has some of the funniest expressions.

Have a wonderful week and I will see you again next week with another installment of My Life Monday :-)

Monday, January 21, 2013

My Life Monday - Project Life wk 2

What a week it was. It all started off with my birthday on Monday. My younger son took me and my husband out to dinner to celebrate and also bought me a big piece of cake. (not the best week for trying to lose weight). It was super sweet and we had a good time at dinner.

I wanted my title card to reflect my birthday week so I chose Birthday Bash for the funny bird. I then used Art Philosophy for the font, a strip of washi tape and a little stamping.

The week was extremely cold and my space heater in my scraproom got a work-out. Evidently I'm not the only one that enjoys it though. Everytime I plug it in I find Olivia laying in front of it.

I added the picture of my desk at work because it was such a crazy, stressful day at work. Our computer guy came in because the computers were doing weird things. At first he thought our computers were hacked and that it started with my computer. Luckily it was just a virus and it DIDN'T start with my computer. He got us back up and running before the work day was over.

This week I got my first ever flu shot. It's been all over the news that the flu has hit epidemic proportions and that everyone should get the shot if they are able to find one. I guess California is one of only 3 states where the flu hasn't peaked yet and a lot of places have run out of the vaccine.

The rest of the week included getting my hair done and football all weekend. (Go 49ers!) The very last picture is of my sweet hubby washing our vehicles. I'm so glad he washes them because it's too cold for me.

Well, that's my life for the week. The next couple of weeks are going to be busy so it might be tough to keep myself on schedule, but I'm going to try. I may not get any layouts done though.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Joy Layout

This is a simple layout, but the pictures make me smile each time I see them. My sister bought my grand-daughter some slippers called Stompeez. There were lots of commercials for them during the holidays, but most of us adults didn't know what they were. To our surprise little Khloë knew exactly what they were. As soon as she saw them she yelled "Stompeez" and stomped around in a circle. It was the cutest thing. I only wish I had gotten it on video. She even hugged the box before taking the slippers out and putting them on. She then stomped around the house as happy as she could be.

That big smile just melts my heart. The title Joy is a rub-on from the Pear and Partridge collection.

The last picture is of Khloë wearing her stompeez.

Thank you for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Say Cheese, Christmas Layout

Another Christmas layout using the Pear and Partridge kit from Close to my Heart. I am also using the Close to my Heart idea book and catalog for layout ideas. There are some wonderful layouts in the book. I'm just changing up the papers to fit my Christmas layouts.

Here's a look at the layout with pictures.

I'm not sure where she learned this or why she started doing this, but whenever she's having her picture taken she says cheese with a huge smile and eyes mostly closed. Sometimes it only takes the camera flash to get this from her. Even when it's not pointed at her. LOL.

The title Say Cheese was cut using the Cricut cartridge Opposites Attract. The oval type shape was cut from the Artiste cartridge and then cut in half to fit at the bottom of the page.

The journaling spot was also cut with the Artiste cartridge.

I still have some papers left so I'll be making some more layouts to share. Come back soon.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Life Monday - wk 1

Hello scrappy friends. I have my first week of Project Life completed and would love to share with you. I'm really enjoying this album so far. I'm still watching YouTube videos for ideas and I'm still having a hard time remembering to take all of the pictures I want, but I'm finding ways to make it work.

So far it looks like I will be using a two page spread for each week. I'm sure there will be weeks in my life that are less than exciting, but hopefully those will be few. Here is my first week's spread:

This week includes January 1st, which was when we took the Christmas tree down and out of the house. A couple pictures of our dinners and a picture of me throwing out the last of the Christmas cookies because my goal for January is to lose 5 lbs. before January 27th (vacation).

The title, Week one, was cut using the Cricut cartridge Opposites Attract. This week also included my first birthday dinner. It was a couple days early so that our older son and his family could join us. We went to my favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. I had a chicken caesar salad and lots of my favorite sweet rolls with cinnamon butter.

The oval cut that says cookies and the chocolate chip cookie were cut using using the Cricut cartridge From my Kitchen.

On Sunday, January 6th I made tacos and they were very YUMMY! I cut the title from Opposites Attract.

Well, that's my first week of the year. I'm already started on my second week, but it's not completely done yet. My weeks will be going from Monday thru Sunday so that the weekend days will be together. I will have my 2nd week done and posted for you next Monday. Until then come on back and check out some Christmas layouts.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Layout

Hello, hello. Hopefully you had a wonderful Christmas. We had a couple days of celebration and family time. It's always nice to get a break from work and spend time with the ones we love instead.

Now that the holidays are behind us it's time to get those memories scrapbooked. I picked a paper and embellishment kit from Close to my Heart called Pear and Partridge. I love using kits and making several layouts that match.

My first layout with this kit was posted on the Cricut FANatics blog on January 2nd. Please stop by there and check out the details. The layout looks like this:

My second layout with this kit didn't include any Cricut cuts. The dimensional embellishments that come in the kit did the job and made this layout super simple to complete.

A close-up of some of the dimensional elements.

Tomorrow I'll be back with my first week of Project Life. I'm hoping I can post my Project Life weekly on Mondays. I hope you'll come back to check it out.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Project Life Cover Page

Happy New Year! I guess I'm a little behind, it's already January 10th! Where does the time go? I know I've been busy. How about you? I thought for sure after Christmas everything would settle back down, but then there was New Years and then my birthday.

We don't do much for New Year's but we did drive to our son and daughter in laws house about an hour away and then went to dinner with them and our grand-daughter. It was the perfect way for us to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013 (even though we were home and in bed before midnight).

My goal for 2013 is to do a Project Life album. I tried last year, but I didn't really GET the concept and I didn't stick with it. I thought it was just about taking a picture a day. This year I know it's about documenting our daily lives. (At least that's what it's going to be for me) So far I've done pretty good. I've taken a picture every day, but this time all of the pictures mean something to me. If I take a picture of a random flower this year it will be because it's my favorite color or kind of flower instead of taking a picture of a flower just because I need to take a picture for the day.

So far I've gotten my front page completed and most of my week one. I'm still adding some things to week one so I'll post a picture of that when it's complete. For my front/title page I used pictures from Christmas because we took a picture of all of us together and another picture of my older son and his family. Our younger son is still single so he got his own picture. LOL.

I'm using the Project Life kit that I already had from last year and throwing in other things here and there. The title cards and the cardstock are each from the Project Life Cobalt kit.

The font on the left side that says Hello 2013 is from the Cricut Cartridge Opposites Attract, cut at 1.5". The other words on the title cards that are cut from cardstock were cut using the Boys will be Boys Cricut Cartridge and cut at 1.25". I added a little bit of green ribbon on each of the title cards to cover up the white space that is for the date. I think I will go back and add a pull out journaling card behind the bottom title card. I might add any resolutions the family has or stuff like that.

As soon as I get week one completed I'll come back and post pictures. Today I'm off to get my hair done though...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

December Daily Completed

Fair warning, this is going to be a long, picture heavy post. I finally got my December Daily done and have lots of pictures to show. I think the last day I shared was 17, so here we go with days 18 and 19.

Days 18 and 19 were just simple tags that pull out and have a picture on each one. I haven't done the journaling on the backs yet. Nothing much to add though. On the 18th I went shopping for Christmas supplies and on the 19th I made little sleighs with candy to go into some of the gift bags.

Day 20 is the only day I haven't done yet. I didn't really do anything on that day and didn't take a picture. I think I'll add something about Christmas's past for that day.

Now on to days 21, 22 and 23. This first picture shows how the days are organized in the book.

Day 21 pulls out of the paper bag at the left side. On this day I drove to my son's house and got to spend the evening taking care of Khloë while he and my daughter in law went to a Christmas party for work. Khloë had a blast making the gingerbread house.

Day 22 opens like a book to reveal a picture of my niece Allie that we had picked up from the airport. She flew in to spend Christmas with the family while on break at school in Utah.

Day 23 is a tag that pulls up from behind Day 22. It shows some of the presents I wrapped that day and the fudge I made. The journaling is on the other side of the tag.

Days 24, 25 and 26 are on the next page.

Day 24 flips up to show 3 pictures and journaling.

I'll add more journaling for these pictures later.

Day 25 pulls out from behind the 24th and reveals a tag that has a flap on it.

When you lift up the flap you see the full picture of the family on Christmas Day and journaling on the right side.

Day 26 is a large tag that pulls out from the paper bag on the right. It contains an old picture of my Grandmother and one of my cousins. My Grandmother passed away 6 years ago, but the 26th would have been her birthday so I saved this day for her. My cousin that was sitting on her lap was born on the 27th so they used to celebrate their birthdays together after Christmas.

The next page contains Day 27 and 28.

On the 27th I had allergies really bad and didn't feel like doing anything. I didn't feel very festive or have anything going on that day, so I just took a picture of the allergy medicine I was taking.

Day 28 I felt a lot better and went with my sister and two nieces so that the older niece could fly back home to Utah. The picture was taken at the airport just before she went through security. That picture lifts up and has another picture of my sister asleep on my couch with Scooter. This is also where I put all of the journaling for the day.

Days 29 and 30 are on the next page.

Day 29 is a trifold that opens to the left and to the right.

On this day my sister and I spent hours and hours designing a logo for her new cupcake business. It took forever, but I love how it turned out. We cut vinyl for her truck window, her Kitchen Aide mixer, her wall and her Cricut Cake.

Day 30 pulls out from the paper bag on the right. This was a relaxing day filled with crafting and watching football. Both of my favorite teams played and won so I was having a great day.

And finally we get to December 31st. Lots of pictures for this day. The first pictures pull out from the paper bag.

On one side of the tag is a picture of me, hubby and Khloë just before she had to go to bed on New Year's Eve.

On the other side of the tag is a picture of Khloë while we were at dinner.

Slipped behind the barn door style pocket is another picture of Khloë.

When you pull up the tag on the top you can open the doors to reveal yet another picture of Khloë and her mommy while we were at dinner.

Last but not least I added a family picture on the back inside cover. This picture was taken on Christmas Day, but I love it because it has all of us in it. This is what life is all about - FAMILY.

If you made it all the way through this post Thank You for stopping by and taking a look at my version of a December Daily. This was the first time I've done anything like this and it was a lot of fun. I know this will be a treasure to me in years to come. These last two pictures show the front cover and a side view that shows how chunky my book became. Thanks for looking and Happy New Year!

Blessed are the children of scrapbookers, for they shall inherit the scrapbooks.