Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Award

Oh my gosh, I checked my comments yesterday and found out I have gotten blog awards from 4 different people in the last few days. I have had allergies really bad the last few days so I haven't been crafting (and totally miss it) so I was so excited to see awards and a couple new followers. I promise when I'm able to breath a little easier and get some sleep I'll be back to posting some projects.
The first award I received was the Versatile Blogger Award. This was given to me by Brenda at, Maria at and Cassandra at I am so honored by this because these girls have fabulous blogs. I enjoy seeing their beautiful creations. Be sure to stop by and check them out.
In order to accept this award I need to list 8 things about myself and then pass the award to 15 other bloggers. Lets see if I can come up with 8 interesting facts about myself.....
1. I have been married for 23 years to my highschool sweetheart.
2. I have two sons (also 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 corn snakes plus one extra because they had babies!)
3. I am the oldest of 4 girls.
4. I just became a grandmother 4 months ago to the cutest little girl ever.
5. I bought my first Cricut machine on a whim during a black friday sale at Michael's in 2007. Since then I have gotten a new machine each year. 2008 the Expression, 2009 the Gypsy, 2010 the Create and in 2011 I bought the Imagine.
6. I have a whole room for my scrapbook stuff and I still need more storage.
7. I do not like to cook.
8. I have lived in California my entire life.

And now on to the 15 blogs I would like to give this award to. Each of these blogs are ones that are on my daily list to check. They have really cute and creative projects posted and they have given me inspiration to try new things. Here they are:


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