Thursday, May 26, 2011

Iron on Vinyl

Okay, so my first try at Iron on Vinyl did not go so well. The first time I cut and tried to iron on the vinyl I had it on the wrong side. I went back to my Expression and tried again. Got it to cut correctly, but then I couldn't get it to adhere to the shirt very well. I turned the iron on hotter and then it was too hot. Most of the vinyl was okay, but the "o" got too hot and lost its crisp edge. I think I'll order some other colors of vinyl and try to cover it up with a flower or butterfly. I'll have to give it some thought. Next time I'll definitely be more careful with the iron. I'm going to make myself a matching shirt that says - Khloe's Grandma.


  1. Looks great:)

    Let me know after you wash it how it hold up. I have used the iron stuff and it falls off after being washed. So I am anxious to see how the vinl holds up:)

  2. Where do you purchase the iron on vinyl ??


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