Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I totally forgot to make my post yesterday. Dealing with realtors, lenders, money and waiting for news on a house can be really stressful. Crazy thing is, it's not even for me! My son and daughter in law are trying to buy a house. They were outbid on two, waited for months on a short sale and now they have found another house they like better. The problem is that it is also a short sale and could be a long drawn out process. The only good thing about it is that they will be able to save more money while they're waiting. I just hope everything works out and that they DO get it. I have't seen the house in person, but I've seen pictures and it is absolutely beautiful. It will be perfect for them.

So as I said, I forgot to make my post yesterday. I wanted to make this post yesterday so that today I could post my Valentine tree. Well, my Valentine tree didn't get finished either )-:
I will try to get it finished when I get home from work and get it posted tonight but no guarantees.

What I did get done is this wall art for Khloë's room made with vinyl. I used pink and green because eventually (when I have time to do some more decorating) those will be the colors. For now the walls are pink and this vinyl is the only thing on them.

For the large K in green I used Kate's ABC's. For the K and the C in pink I used the Tie The Knot cartridge. The rest of the letters were cut using Quarter Note and welded together using my Gypsy. The dragon flies were cut from the Close To My Heart cartridge, Art Philosophy. The green one is actually the layer that would normally go over the pink layer, but I liked them by themselves.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day.


  1. Very cute. I've been promising my daughter to redo her room (we moved into this house a year ago, so I soooo understand the stress) but I'm almost to chicken to cut vinyl yet. But I know she would love something like this.

  2. Happy Valentines Day!

    Super cute!


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