Monday, May 20, 2013

My Life Monday - Project Life week 16

I'm slowly catching up. But as you can see I'm still behind. This is week 16, which was a month ago.

These are mostly pictures of my days leading up to my trip to the Georgia Circle Mania and my time while I was there. I had my nails painted Cricut green and I went to have my hair trimmed and colored so it didn't drive me crazy while I was in Georgia.

While I was waiting for my flight I got a little bored so I snapped the picture of my plane as it was getting ready for boarding. The second picture was when a man came to the hotel and was selling scrapbook stuff out of the back of his van. LOL (-:

While I was away my family sent me pictures of the things going on at home. Our new puppy Coco met the neighbor girl and another neighbors rottweiler. Khloë had Krispy Kreme donuts without me and Coco decided she was very comfortable in her new home with a comfy bed. The last picture is hard to see, but it's the pasta alfredo and strawberry daiquiri I had for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory my last night in Georgia.


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