Monday, May 6, 2013

My Life Monday - Week 14

My Life back on track. I'm getting there slowly, but I am definitely getting there. I have week 14 to share today.

April 1st through the 7th included lazy days (mostly by all the animals), busy days (mostly my husband. LOL) and a mix of weather. We had beautiful blue skies one day, rain the next and then back to blue skies and warmer temps.

On Monday I received my Project Life order from HSN. I got the new Blush and Jade kits by Becky Higgins and they are gorgeous.

Now that the temperatures are warmer the snakes have come out of hibernation (sorry for mentioning them Donna). I would love to give them away, but for now they are still in our care.

Coco, the puppy, is teething so she is doing a lot of chewing. Luckily she hasn't chewed anything up that she shouldn't. Of course that rug that she has in her mouth was supposed to be in the doghouse, not in the middle of the lawn being chewed on!
See you back soon. Cindy

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  1. Ohhhhhhhh, you are SO bad!!! That orange...thing...was the 1st thing I saw when I looked at your pages : ( . You're lucky I love you so much!! (and THANKS for the apology!)

    No more yucky things in your posts, please : )


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