Monday, May 13, 2013

My Life Monday - week 15

Hello Crafty friends. I hope you had a good weekend. They always go by so fast and now we're back to Monday AGAIN. We're having more and more beautiful days lately. The temperatures are warming up and dogs are enjoying time in the kiddie pool.

April 13th had a lot of activities jammed into one day. It started out with us driving to our son and daughter-in-laws house. We went to Khloë's gymnastics class and watched her. Then we took her to lunch at Chevy's. After lunch we went back to the house and loaded up a couple of trees to take to my Mom's house. It was my Mom's birthday so we were going to go visit her and take her out to dinner so it was a perfect time to take the trees. We had taken them out of the ground to make room for Khloë's play set. My sister is thinking of getting married in the yard at my Mom's house so we're working on the landscaping.

There are two Indian Casino's by my Mom's house so we all ended up going to one of them for dinner. I can't handle being in the smoke and I'm not lucky at gambling so I went outside to wait. That's where hubby found me and I snapped the bottom right picture. This was in the evening, but the weather was nice and warm and the sun was still shining. I love these longer days.


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