Sunday, April 1, 2012

Cone of Shame

Happy April 1st. The start of another month. I think it's a good time to get focused again. I've been slacking off lately and need to get back to the crafts I love.
To start off the month I'd like to share a two page layout I did of my doggie. Sorry there's a glare on the photos. I didn't notice until I downloaded my pictures to the computer.

We have this big 130 lb Bullmastiff and two 12 lb cats. One cat loves the dog, as you can see in the 3rd picture. They were watching t.v. together. The other cat totally despises him. She won't go after him and start anything, but if he gets too close to her she will make it clear to him that he should back off. Fortunately the dog has learned to stay a paws strike away from her. UN-fortunately it took a scratch to the eye and 3 trips to the vet before he learned it. He was so humiliated when he had to wear the cone around his neck to keep him from rubbing his eye.  I may have to add a picture of the perpetrator cat to the right side of the layout. For now I'm calling it done.
Thank you for stopping by and for hangin' in there when I was slacking off. Cindy


  1. What a fun story and terrific layout! Hope the dog heals quickly!

  2. Love the layout. The fire hydrant journal tag is too cute!

  3. Well, I think the bad old puddy tat should have to wear a cone the whole time too!!! That may be because I am soooooooooo NOT a cat all : ( !! Glad to see you back in your scraproom & hope you'll be hanging out with us on the mb every day again too : )


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