Friday, April 27, 2012

Update On My House

Happy Friday. Sorry about the lack of posts lately. Seems like I've been saying that a lot. It's just been so busy around here. Monday we had a contractor out to look for a leak in our house. This was the 3rd or 4th visit. I've lost count. After putting five holes in the house (two outside and three inside) he finally found the problem. Now he has to come out two more times to fix the problem and put our house back together. In the mean time my house is a disaster area. I had to remove everything from my scraproom closet so the contractor could put one of the holes in there and check for water. How in the world did I get so much stuff in one little closet?
This is a picture of my living room.

The only thing that didn't come out of my closet is the black sofa table with the plant and picture on it. I can't put anything back in the closet until the contractor comes back out in a few weeks to fix the hole.

This is one of the holes in the outside of the house. The other outside hole is bigger, but I didn't get a good picture of it. I guess I should be glad that it's all covered by the builder and we didn't find out years down the road when we want to sell or something.

Oh, before I forget, I trust that none of you are going to call the hoarders show on me right? Have a good weekend.


  1. Thank you for the little glimpse into your scrapping troubles and trials! I hope you get back into your crafting space real quick! I know you will be so happy when life settles back into a routine and every hole is repaired!

  2. No promises LOL!!! Although that seems like it might be a bit like the pot callin' the kettle black :D !!! Just think of how fabulous it's gonna feel when this is all over & you're settled back in your Happy Place...all nice & dry...& hole free!!!!


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