Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lefty or Righty?

The big debate in our family right now is whether Khloë will be Left or Right-handed. So far she uses both hands and we can't tell for sure. My father is left handed. He has 4 daughters and none of us are left handed. My first son (first grandchild in the family) is left handed. Out of 12 grandkids he's the only one. Now that he has his first child we are waiting with aniticipation.

For my layout today I used 3 different Cricut cartridges. I used Art Philosophy for the first font, cut at 1" and the large pink scallop edge cut at 1". For the hands I used My Community cut at 4". Lefty and Righty were cut at 1" from the Alphalicious cartridge. The small purple scallop edge was cut with a Stampin' Up border punch. The sketch was from page 30 of the PageMaps 2 book.

All of the papers I used were from my stash. Some was really old patterned paper from Creative Memories and some was cardstock I bought in bulk at  a scrapbook expo about a year ago. I have so many supplies in my room I could probably scrapbook for an entire year without buying anything except adhesive. In fact it's probably already been 6 months since I've bought anything new. Lets see how long I can go......


  1. Lol! Most of us could do with a little bit of curbing on the hoarding of our supplies. But wheres the fun in that? So impressed that you have gone so long. Go you! Absolutely love the layout. Great job!

  2. Cute layout! My 15 year old son is left handed and it's quite interesting to me. He plays all aspects of baseball right handed probably because his parents taught him how to play that way! I remember one time kind of yelling at him in grade school because the side of his left hand was just covered in pencil and he had to remind me that when lefties write, their hand brushes over what they have written unlike when you are right handed. I guess I never thought about that before! Teaching him to tie his shoes was interesting also!

  3. Wow...6 months without craft shopping?? Just thinking about it makes me break out in a cold sweat...lol! Your layout of that darling little girl is so sweet. She is such a cutie and I know you must enjoy every minute with her!

  4. Great pics to use for this layout...she's as cute as ever!

  5. Maybe she'll be both right and left handed! :) But yes, I will be making mini flat boxes to mail the cards out...

    Fun layout by the way and all this guessing makes us curious to know too!

  6. What a sweet layout.

    Enjoyed visiting your blog.

    Lesley @ Trendy Twine


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