Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New Glasses!

Good morning. I didn't have time to make my post last night, so I thought I'd give you a little explanation as to why. (I actually have an excuse this time!) I had to go into town to pick up my new glasses. I only need them to read and it's a little hard to get used to them. I'm fine when I'm at the computer, but when I glance away to talk to someone or do something else, everything is blurry. I definitely can't wear them to walk around in. I would be running into things.

I was told by the eye doctor that my left eye is a little far-sighted. The right eye is very slight, but because the left eye is bad they are both working harder to work together. By the end of the day my eyes feel very tired. I'm hoping the glasses will help (if I can get used to them).

So here is a picture of me and my new glasses. What do you think?

Now that I have the new glasses I'm wondering if I should cut my hair shorter? Maybe add a little more blonde to it? Oh, I think I need new clothes too....

Have a great day. Cindy


  1. Well, I think your gorgeous with and/or without the glasses!!! I love your hair the way it looks now, but, it looks really good in your blog avatar pic too....so many decisions ; )


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