Sunday, April 22, 2012

Layouts from the past

While cleaning my scrapbook room and trying to take inventory of tons of supplies I have in every inch of my room I came across some old albums. I got so caught up in looking through the old photos I never finished going through my room. I will be stuck at home tomorrow so I guess that will be my project for the day.
As I looked at the photos and the old layouts I couldn't help but smile and remember my early days of scrapbooking. Long before I knew what scrapbooking really was I used to keep pictures, newspaper articles, movie tickets and any other memorabilia that meant anything to me. I knew early on how important family photos were to me because my own baby album was lost in a fire when I was 10 years old. All of the pictures I had loved to look at and carefully put into an album with my moms help had been lost.
After having my first son I knew I wanted to document everything about his life. I took tons of pictures, but I also saved pieces of all of the wrapping paper that was on any gift for my new baby. I used the pieces of wrapping paper in his baby album. I wanted to remember everything.
It wasn't until after I had my second son that I learned about scrapbooking. I found out by luck that there was a scrapbook store in my area and that they gave classes. I quickly signed up for every class on the schedule. I was in love with everything I was learning. I was taking layout classes for layouts I would never use, just because it was so much fun. I still have some of those layouts and some of them still don't have pictures on them. For todays post I thought I would share some of those early layouts that did get pictures.

As you can see from the layouts, it was all about the stickers. I used to love the Me and My Big Ideas stickers. I still have a lot of them and can't bare to part with them. The little people are just so cute. I'm not sure when these layouts were made for sure, but I know it was before 2002 because that was the year we moved to a new town and I could no longer go to classes. I still miss that store and those classes.


  1. Nice layouts. I love going back to look at my old scrapbooks - even though they have improved greatly, they are still fun to look at!

  2. Don't we all have pages like this??? These look like mine from CM classes. I did love the sticker letters for my titling.


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