Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Day 3 and 4 and a Sandwich

I finished day 3 and 4 in my December Daily after finally getting my pictures printed. I tried for a couple of hours to print my pictures wirelessly, but it wouldn't work. I finally gave up and plugged the darn printer into the computer. I'll tackle it again another day, but not right now.

Day 3 wasn't anything special or exciting. The weather was bad and hubby had to work late. I guess I needed a little comfort food. On the menu? A grilled cheese and bacon sandwich. Have you ever tried this? Yummmmm! It's like ham and cheese, but better. :-)

For my day 3 I added a picture of my sandwich to a tag that pulls out of a pocket on the page. I used a tab punch to add a number 3 to the end. My journaling about the day is on the back.

 The picture above shows the tag when it's inserted into the pocket.

Day 4 is a picture of my wonderful husband and our dog Scooter. This year Mike and I are thankful that we were able to get Scooter the surgery he needed on his knee. He was in a lot of pain and couldn't put any weight on his leg, but through it all he was still a big loveable marshmallow. Every day he's healing and feeling better and better. And that my friends, makes me smile.

This last picture shows day 4 tucked into the pocket of the bag that the album is made with.

Thanks for stopping by. Cindy

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  1. That sandwich looks YUMMY!! I've never tried one, but I bet with really good, crunchy bacon...YUM!

    LOVE the pic of DH & Scooter!!!


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