Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Storm Damage

Oh no, I'm already behind and it's only the 4th day! I had my journaling and pictures done for the 2nd, but had to do some storage maintenance with my pictures before I could post anything. Yes, I'm still working on that. I've got a system down, but it's still time consuming.

On to my my December Daily page (booklet) for the second.

I made a little booklet that fits into the front pocket of my album. Since I have limited pages I will have to be creative in the way I fit everything in. For the booklet I added a tab on the side with the number 2 on it for the 2nd of December.

On the front is a picture of the water damage we have from the storm over night. I woke up to find a leak around our window and the wall below it full of water.
The booklet opens up to show two more pictures of the damage. Almost the same picture, but you can see a difference in person. the paint was stretched out and full of water. And yes, that's an electrical outlet right next to it!

The next couple of pages are my journaling. Nothing fancy for the 2nd day of December, but it's documented. Hopefully we can start getting into some fun that I can put into my album.

I'll see you back here tonight for December 3rd if there aren't anymore issues. Rain is supposed to start again around 2:00 though, so we'll see.


  1. Good luck facing the weather..and great ob on your pages.

  2. Your doing such a wonderful job on you daily! So sorry about the water damage. :(

  3. I am so sorry about the water damage!! That stinks... but you have such a creative way that you are doing this project with the booklet. So clever!!!

  4. I love how you are assembling your album. And very impressed with your journaling!!

    Stay dry tonight!

  5. Love how you're making the booklet(s)! You & me gotta get our Decembers turned around quick...we're both off to yucky start : ( !


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