Friday, December 28, 2012

December Daily - Catching up

Happy Friday. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and now looking forward to the New Year. I have a few more days done for my December Daily.  I already showed you day 12. Today we have day 13 and 14.

Day 13 I finally decorated the tree and took some pictures of my favorite ornaments, which are older than I am. I think you will recognize the characters.

Day 14 I didn't do anything special. I had to run some errands. On my way to the grocery store I saw this bread truck. I heard somewhere that Bimbo is the number one bread seller, but I had never seen one of their trucks. I guess now that Hostess has shut down operations I will be seeing more of these guys. I'm not at all happy about it because I love Wonder Bread :-(

Going to work on catching up on some more days. I'll be back tomorrow.

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  1. I just love this! It is so clever-- I love the number tabs and the photos! And I love that blue!!

    And that Bimbo truck... I saw one around here recently. I think they need to consider re-naming. LOL. That is a HORRIBLE name. hahaha


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