Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cleaning up my Scraproom

Okay, so I've been cleaning my scraproom AGAIN! I've done pretty well and I'm left with just a couple of piles of paper.
These papers are all leftovers from projects. Mostly scraps, but some full 12x12 pieces. I have decided as a personal challenge that I will try to use most or all of these scraps instead of putting them away somewhere. My challenge is to not pull out any new paper other than background pages as needed, until these papers are used up.

To help me in my challenge I picked up a copy of Pagemaps 2. It's full of scrapbook sketches to give me lots of ideas. I love using sketches because I think my pages come out so much nicer. I will pick a random sketch and make a layout with it. I will not add a title. That way I can finish the layout at a later time and customize it to my photos.
As I make my layouts I will post them to my blog along with a picture of the sketch I used. If anyone would like to join me in this challenge I would love to hear about your progress and if you also use sketches. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon to see my progress. Cindy


  1. Great way to challenge yourself! Can't wait to see what you come up with, I know they will be beautiful. I really need to issue myself the same paper scraps multiply at night when we aren't looking?

  2. Wonderful idea! I have to say your scrap room is great!

  3. Great idea! I will follow along with your challenge and try to make a scrapbook page with each map post and try to use my scraps up! I am a new follower!

    By the way, INCREDIBLE scrap space!

  4. Love your scrap space! I love challenging myself - it really helps to get things done! I love sketches too, I find my page planning and preparation goes so much smoother with them - I have the first page maps book, didn't know there was a second one, I'll have to look for it!


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