Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Perfect layout for small scraps

I love the way these pages turned out. If you have a lot of small pieces of scraps this is a great way to use them.
I used two full sheets of paper (white and patterned green) for the background and everything else was from scraps. I got out all of my circle punches and a scallop punch. Then I just randomly punched with all my scrap paper. Then I arranged and glued them all down. I used a little bit of ribbon on the bottom of each page to give a little dimension and that was about it. Super easy and looks good too.

The PageMaps 2 sketch is from page 15. Can you believe all of these great sketches? They are awesome. The book also has pictures color layouts made with the sketches, but I find it easier on my brain to not look at them before hand. If I look at the examples I get hung up on the colors they used or the embellishments, etc. If I stick to the black and white sketch I have to use my own thoughts on the colors and such. That's just what works for me though. Everyone has their own way of creating and there's no wrong way. See you again tomorrow with another sketch and layout. Cindy


  1. Girl you are blowing these PageMap sketches out of the water! I love the way you are putting these together! Great job putting all those itty bitty scraps to work!

  2. I love your layouts and the colors and papers.


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