Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Morning After

Good morning. I just wanted to stop in and say 'hi'. Monday sure did come too fast. The weekend was a lot of fun and I packed a lot into it for a change. Unfortunately no crafting due to the fact that I wasn't home much.
Friday night my Mom called and asked if hubby and I would like to meet her and her boyfriend at Cache Creek Casino for lunch. It's about an hour away for us and 2 hours for them. We didn't have anything important planned and I had never been there, so we decided to go. I played a little on the penny slot machines, but once I lost $30 I was done. (that could have been a cartridge!)LOL. I didn't feel too bad about it because when we signed up for our players card we each got a free $25 credit. I used mine to buy lunch for hubby and I and then I got a blended coffee before we left... all on the card. I'm justifying my $30 loss as I really only lost $5 after lunch and coffee. Heehee.
On the way home from the casino we took a little detour to find a Rite Aid store. I had no idea how hard it was to find those stores. I had the weekly ad with me and there were some pretty good sales and coupons. We ended up getting two nice size bottles of Listerine, two deoderants and two good sized bottles of body wash. They were both bonus size and one of them had an additional trial size deoderant with it. All of that for just over $5.
On Sunday I drove out to see the kiddos and baby Khloe.

We started out by going to a dog show. It was small and not too many dogs, but it was fun. Khloe loved all the dogs until a pair of gigantic Saint Bernards came up and one of them gave her a kiss. They were so mellow. The one that gave her a kiss just leaned in real slow, nuzzled Khloe and then gave her the sweetest little kiss on the cheek. Other than being absolutely huge (I think it's head was bigger than Khloe's entire body) it was the sweetest thing. They were so gentle. Khloe thought they were a little too big for her taste though. I wish I had my camera out at the time. It would have been a great picture.
After the dog show we looked at some model houses. One of my favorite things to do is look at model houses. They are always so beautifully decorated. Whenever I'm in the mood to paint or change something at home I go look at models to get ideas. Khloe had a lot of fun checking everything out as well.

I have a lot of pictures of my son at model houses when he was young. Now I'll have to scrapbook some pictures of Khloe at the models. She's such a good sport. Look at that cute little pose!

I'll be back soon with some layouts. Hopefully I'll get some craft time after work today. Have a great week. Cindy


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