Monday, October 3, 2011

More Layout Pages

Wow, Monday again already? The weekends go by way too fast. Luckily I was able to get these two pages finished before I had to be back to work.

This mini scrapbook kit is making my album super easy to assemble. The shapes of the pages and the papers are wonderful. I inked all of the edges with black ink before glueing everything down. Then I added my pictures. Here are the two pages with pictures.

I don't have the binding rings in yet because I'm waiting to punch the holes when all the pages are done. You can see in the bottom picture on the left hand side that my hubby found his way to the Circle dinner. Of course he was the life of the party. I DID warn the girls before he showed up! Of course he was his normal sweet interactive self. He even bought a round of drinks for everyone. See you next time with a couple more pages. Cindy

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  1. Your album is looking great! I'm glad that you're back in your scraproom again!!


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