Sunday, December 29, 2013

Be Merry-December Daily-Day 19 and 20

This page makes me giggle. My dear husband was riding passenger while I drove. I got a text message on my phone and he decided to answer it since I couldn't. Of course my daughter in law (who he was answering) knew it wasn't me right away and asked if it was him. Instead of texting back he took this "selfie" and sent it to her. He surprises me sometimes with the things he does. He's not one to take pictures of himself so I had to document it.

Us girls, on the other hand, love to take our picture. Kylee is still learning, but we're teaching her while she's still young. Khloë knows what it's all about. Lol. The bottom picture was taken while I was watching the girls. Their mommy and daddy had a Christmas party to attend and I was lucky enough to spend the evening playing and posing for pictures with the girls.


  1. Love your page Cindy. The pictures are fun and have a great story to go with them!

  2. LOVE seeing the pics of you with your girls!!!


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