Monday, December 16, 2013

Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to my first born Grand-daughter Khloë. She turns 3 years old in two days. Her birthday party was on Sunday and afterwards she proclaimed: "I want my party again!" I guess it was a hit and she had a good time.

Khloë helped me put Minnie Mouse out front to greet her guests.

At the front door guests were greeted with a Minnie Mouse rug and a door hanging that announced Khloë's 3rd Birthday.

Inside there were banners .
Another picture of her birthday banner.

Another large Minnie Mouse hanging out by the food.

A cake for the Birthday Girl.

Tumblers for each of the kids with their names in vinyl. Mouse ears made with felt and goodie bags.

A large Minnie Mouse photo prop for all the kiddos. This was a lot of fun and I found the kids all asking to take their pictures. A special thanks to my friend Scrapalette at for the idea. She had a big Cricut cut out for a photo prop at the Cricut Circle Mania in Georgia.

We also had Christmas bulbs decorated with the names of the kids in vinyl that they were able to decorate on the inside.

One last picture (for now). Me and 2nd Grand-daughter Kylee.

We also made food labels and a few other banners. I'll have to see if I got any pictures of those.


  1. So many wonderful Minnie items!! You did a fabulous job. I especially love the Minnie photo prop. :)

  2. Great job on all the party items. It sure looks like it would have been a fun party.


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